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Globex Firms

Using the Request Center - Globex Firms function authorized users can request creation and modification of Globex Firm IDs (GFID) and submit to a clearing firm administrator for approval. Globex Firm details and relationship mapping is done via the Globex Schedule 6, Clearing Firm Guarantee and Acknowledgement form.

The following Globex Firm functions are available:

To enable additional functions, select the checkbox adjacent to the ID column.

Creating a Globex Firm ID

Use the Futures & Options Requests > Globex Firms function to create a Globex trading entity identifier. Requests are subject to review by the firm's clearing exchange administrator.

The creation process consists of the following steps:

  • Select Registered Entity
  • Specify Effective Date
  • Firm Name
  • Clearing Firm Mapping
  • Submit for Admin Review
  • To create a Globex Firm ID:
  1. From the Futures & Options Requests menu, select Globex Firms.

If necessary, select a Registered Entity. This is required if you are authorized for more than one firm.

  1. Select Create New GFID.

  1. On the screen that appears, enter firm details:

Note: Required fields are indicated by an asterisk (*).

  • Effective Date: Upon approval, firm assignment are effective on the specified date.
  • Firm Name: Enter a unique (at the Registered Entity level) executing firm name.
  • Clearing Firm Mapping: For the designated Clearing Exchanges, select the Clearing Member to map with a proposed executing firm.
  • Clearing Firm Mapping - Updates: If a clearing firm mapping update is required, CME Group strongly advises:
  • At least one week prior to the effective date, notify the current clearing firm of the intention to change mapping.
  • Coordinate updates to take effect at the close of the business day Friday.

Mid-week clearing firm mapping updates are done at the close of the business day.

  • Contact Details - Required for all mapped clearing firms. Select Add Contact (), enter required information, then select Submit.

  1. To complete the request, select Submit.

The request is submitted to Clearing Firm administrator's for review and decision.

An email notification is also sent to the requestor and administrator and the request appears on the My Requests page.

Editing and Deleting CME Globex Firm IDs

Using theGlobex Firms function, users can request or perform the following GFID updates:

  • Edit Globex Firm details
  • Delete an existing Globex Firm.

Before deleting, ensure associated Session IDs are assigned to another firm.

  • To edit Globex Firm details:
  1. From the Futures & Options Requests menu, select Globex Firms and a Registered Entity.

  1. From the list, select a Globex Firm ID (checkbox) then select an action to perform.

  • Delete GFID: If the Globex Firm has Session IDs assigned, select a new Primary Globex Firm, then select Proceed.

A message appears, indicating the request is submitted to an authorized user for a decision.

Edit GFID: Update firm details, then select Submit.

Approving Globex Firm ID requests

Submitted Globex Firm ID entitlement updates must be reviewed and approved by an authorized clearing entity administrator.

  1. To approve Globex Firm ID requests:
  1. From the Request Center select My Requests > To Do tab.
  2. Select a request, or narrow results by filtering the list.
  1. On the request details screen, select a decision and enter related details (e.g. Exchange Clearing Number).

  1. To finalize GFID creation, select Submit.


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