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What's New

The list below illustrates the updates made to the AutoCert+ Audit Trail for iLink 2.X Help system.


Date Topic Description

21 March 2023

1 Tier and N Tier Systems

CME Group Market Regulation no longer validates or reviews 2 Tier messaging and it is not required in the audit trail

7 Oct 2022


Website and PDF format changes only.

28 Jul 2022

Completing Certification

Additional Audit trail submission requirements added.

31 Mar 2020


Branded to specify this test suite is for iLink 2.x.

13 Jun 2018

File Format Requirements

Added first paragraph about CSV format.


Running Tests

Added first paragraph about CSV format.



Updated AutoCert+ description.

13 Feb 2018


Replaced link with video link.

19 Apr 2017


Initial release


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