Inline Credit Controls

CME Group offers optional, pre-trade risk management capability through the Inline Credit Controls (ICC); allowing Clearing Member and Executing Firms to set daily position limits for CME Globex, per product, at the account level. Orders are evaluated and processed on an in-line, pre-execution basis.

  • Daily quantity position limits are applied per product at the account level.
  • Positions reset to flat at the end of the day.
  • Good 'Til Cancel (GTC) and Good 'Til Date (GTD) orders roll-over and are calculated in the next trading day’s working orders.
  • No latency differential; all Globex orders are subject to the same ICC processing, whether accounts are registered for ICC.

Available functionality:

From Friday 7:00 PM EST through Sunday 1:00 PM EST, CME Account Manager undergoes scheduled maintenance. During this period, view and configuration functionality is not accessible.

Clearing Member and Executing Firm Risk Administrators can view, but cannot update the others' account limits.

The most restrictive limit applies to orders.

  • Suspend execution firm order entry.
  • Download ICC configuration to a .csv file, to facilitate multiple account, product, policy, alert updates.

Example: When an account breaches 80% of a given risk limit (credit or product), send an email to up to specified recipients.

ICC Video tutorials: This video Illustrates the process to create / manage ICC enabled accounts and set / update product limits; including the ability to upload updates for multiple accounts or products.


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