Block Trade Browser

Select your asset class of choice and the block trades for the most recent trading day will be displayed. To see prior trading day data (up to five days) select from the date list drop down. You can search by symbol or enter text to find a match by product name, type of derivative or general search term. Use the Filter button to refine your search to a particular product group, contract type or block trade. The list of symbols that match your entry will be displayed in a drop down. You can select all items in the drop down by hitting the Enter key. Or, you can check the ones you want to investigate further and click the Apply button near the bottom. The list below will display the block trades, if any, that match your selection.

Sample Report

1. Asset Class Tabs

Select the asset class tab to start the product filtering process. The tab selection will start the filtering process. Once selected the Filter button will only display the product groups within the current asset class. This should make the search process more streamlined and efficient.

Tooltip: Select Asset Class to start the filtering process

2. Filter, Settings and Auto Refresh

Once the Asset Class has been selected the Filter button will only display the product groups within the current asset class. Selecting a particular group will filter the product list even further. You can also filter by derivative type, exchange or block trade type. Auto-refresh is off by default. Click the button in order to turn on and have the page refresh every 60 seconds.

Tooltip: Filter by product group, derivative, exchange or block trade type as well as display alternate symbol columns

3. Product Search Textbox

Any text entered into the Search Textbox will start by searching all four of the (yellow) highlighted columns for a match (i.e. CL). You can also search for multiple symbols at the same time (i.e. CL, NG). If you type more than three characters, the search will try to match on the Product Name text (i.e. eurodollar options).

Tooltip: Search by a specific symbol, symbol list or product name or derivative type

4. Block Trades

This section displays the aggregate or header information for each block trade. The different types of block trade types (futures, options, strips and spreads) are colored coded for easy identification.

Tooltip: Block trade header information

5. Trade Components

This section will show all leg prices, quantities and trade ratios for the given block trade header. The trades are grouped and will alternate coloring to distinguish between the separate block trades

Tooltip: Block trade detail information