Clear with confidence while significantly mitigating risk.

End-to-end solutions for customers around the globe

As the central counterparty for 20 million daily transactions, CME Clearing acts as the buyer for every seller and the seller for every buyer. Our efficient, secure, transparent processes back every trade. CME Clearing provides end-to-end solutions for customers around the globe. 

We monitor the capital requirements of clearing members based on the risk associated with each of their positions as well as our assessment of their internal controls, risk-management policies, and back-office operations.

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To meet the needs of our clearing firms and end-clients, we accept a diverse portfolio of assets as collateral for deposit into trading accounts. 

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A comprehensive guide to help you understand the clearing process, from accepted trade types, payment systems, transaction timelines and more.

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Clearing by the numbers

CME Clearing is one of the world's leading central counterparty clearing providers, backing millions of transactions every day.

23.3 million


$6.0 billion


Learn all there is to know about clearing

Gain an understanding of how the Clearing market structure is defined, risk management policies and procedures, and the activities of CME Clearing.

Margin Services

Learn more about the variety of tools offered through CME Group Margin Services, including CME CORE GUI, API, and more.

Financial Safeguards

Review the financial safeguards the CME Clearing has in place to secure the safety and soundness of our markets. 

Risk Management

We offer a comprehensive set of sophisticated tools and safeguards to protect customers and clearing firms and maintain market integrity.

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