triResolve QuickPort

Deliver portfolio data to counterparties securely and at no cost with triResolve QuickPort

Reliable, automated portfolio delivery

As regulations drive market practice toward proactive reconciliation for all OTC derivative portfolios, triResolve QuickPort positions your firm to meet evolving portfolio data exchange needs and delivers the benefits of exchanging portfolio data in a secure and reliable environment free of charge. Over 2,000+ firms use the triResolve portfolio reconciliation service to regularly reconcile their portfolios.

Over 90% of all OTC derivatives across all asset classes and transaction types are reconciled on triResolve, and 2,000+ firms use the service to regularly reconcile their portfolios. Our subscribers represent all types of derivative market participant organizations, from global dealers to corporations.

Safe and effective portfolio reconciliation

Eliminate email and other non-secure means of portfolio reconciliation. Upload your data manually or via automated SFTP file transfer, and triResolve QuickPort will provide a summary view of portfolio reconciliation results like the below.

  Total Matched Match with diff Unmatched   Mtm exposure
Party CP Type MTM date Own CP Own Std Case Appr Pending Case Own CP Ratio Curr Own CP Diff
ABC Bank Group (ABC) DEF Bank Group (DEF) ISDA 2019-08-27 1,116 1,077 1,025 1 40 1 4 51 0 0 95.6% USD -430,707,142 324,834,746 -105,872,396
ABC Bank Group (ABC) Demo Bank Group (DEMO) ISDA 2019-08-27 710 736 571 3 48 12 48 68 0 0 89.2% USD 38,325,542 -36,542,692 1,782,850
ABC Bank Group (ABC) KLM ISDA 2019-08-27 13,770 11,303 10,012 1 324 0 577 2,645 243 40 75.0% USD -466,347,642 361,937,608 -104,410,034

A first step to proactive portfolio reconciliation

triResolve QuickPort is only the first step towards regular, proactive portfolio reconciliation. Full subscribers to triResolve enjoy all the benefits of the service including automated portfolio reconciliation, dispute resolution, customized management reporting and the new repository reconciliation tool.

triResolve QuickPort
Portfolio Delivery
Leverage existing file formats    
Low-touch IT involvement    
Single point portfolio submission to counterparties    
Secure portfolio submission to counterparties    
Proactive Portfolio Reconciliation
Immediate online access to network community    
Real-time view of unresolved exceptions    
Smart matching for portfolio reconciliation    
Resolve discrepancies via exception management workflow    
Repository Validation and Reconciliation
Validate and reconcile internal books and records against repository data    
Reconcile across trade repositories without the need for a UTI/USI    
Highlights differences across all reported fields    
Dispute Resolution
Identify & investigate sources of disputes    
Monitor dispute resolution process/send notifications    
Summary report of reconciliation results    
Advanced analytics and fully flexible MI reporting    

Key features

Free to use

Access triResolve QuickPort for free upon signing a mutual non-disclosure agreement.


Send us key trade data in your own format and get the data mapped to the triResolve standard.

Preview our full service

Test the full triResolve counterparty exposure management and reconciliation service for a limited time.


Complete secure data transfers of your OTC derivatives portfolio.


Reconcile all asset classes and transaction types.

Counterparty access

Access a single point of delivery for all counterparties.

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