Portfolio reconciliation

Identify population and valuation differences, resolve margin call disputes and reduce counterparty credit risk.

Portfolio reconciliation through a centralized service

Proactive portfolio reconciliation enables you to validate and align your positions and exposure to reduce counterparty credit risk. triResolve’s unrivalled network sees over 90% of all bilateral OTC derivatives across +2,000 groups, which means all your counterparties are in one place. The centralized service model and global network enable you and your counterparties to share the same view and work together to resolve any differences.

Reduce complexity with a single point of integration with all your counterparties.

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Simplify the complicated

Experience improved efficiency, thanks to triResolve's algorithmic data matching and exception-based STP workflow processing. Cutting-edge analytics show you where in your portfolio you have meaningful differences and automatically determine what is driving them.

Use With

Collateral management

Increase operational efficiency and adhere to regulations.

A seamless solution

Cashflow affirmation

Achieve greater alignment and identify any differences which will cause settlement breaks for the derivatives settlement process.

Repository reconciliation

Bring your data together in one place and ensure accurate trade reporting with our cross-jurisdictional matching technology.

triResolve Quickport

Free access to seamlessly and safely share portfolio details with your counterparties, without requiring a full subscription.

Features and benefits

Cost effective

Be up and running on our web-based service in a day with no installation required.

Rapid onboarding

Be live within a day. The web-based platform requires no installation and you receive support from our expert team at no additional cost.

All file types

We normalize data in any submitted format.

All asset classes and products

Support for bilateral and cleared OTC derivatives, repo, securities lending and ETD reconciliation.

Advanced analytics and reporting

We show you where you have a dispute and what is driving that dispute, enabling you to intelligently prioritise the investigation of your differences.

Facilitates regulatory compliance

Our robust and auditable service gives you all the tools you need to meet your regulatory obligations with ease.

How it works


Send data

Upload data in your preferred file format.


Data is reconciled

triResolve normalizes the data and reconciles all fields using our algorithmic match engine.


View results with your counterparty

You and your counterparty work from the same set of results. Our advanced analytics and comprehensive break workflow allow you to identify, track, investigate and resolve any discrepancies.

triResolve Coverage

Asset Class Reconciliation Types Coverage Detail
OTC derivatives
  • Bilateral
  • Internal
  • Clearing broker to clearing house
  • Client cleared
  • Prime brokerage
  • Exchange traded
  • All asset classes/all products
  • Single to multiple line matching
  • Vanilla and exotic
  • Agreement level disputes – all differences instantly highlighted

Exception management workflow analytics and MI reports

Securities financing
Collateral holdings


  • Bilateral
  • Internal
  • Cleared
  • All asset classes/all products
  • Single to multiple line matching
  • Position level reconciliation
Regulatory reporting validation
  • Dodd-Frank
  • Canada
  • EMIR
  • FINMA (FinFrag)
  • MAS
  • HKMA
  • ASIC
  • SFTR
  • Material terms
  • Single to multiple line matching
  • Reporting validation
  • Delegated reporting validation

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Explore our comprehensive range of related, intuitive, web-based services.

Calculate inputs, manage margin calls and resolve disputes. 

Increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and adhere to regulation.

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