Initial margin threshold monitoring

Simplify how you calculate and monitor initial margin with TriOptima’s new approach for phase 6 firms.

Preparing for IM compliance

In addition to delaying phase 6 IM compliance dates, regulators have also provided additional relief stating that in-scope firms are not required to complete legal documentation and custodian arrangements until they breach the 50 million threshold with each of their counterparties. Until that point, firms are required to only monitor IM exposure, potentially opening the door to a lighter path to IM compliance. Firms seeking to take advantage of this approach should analyze portfolios ahead of time to determine the relationships where monitoring may be appropriate, and then select a method to both calculate and monitor IM exposure for each portfolio on a daily basis.

Full transparency into your IM exposure

For firms who expect that their IM exposure will take time to build up, or who anticipate IM exposure will always remain low due to portfolio composition and size, TriOptima’s suite of IM solutions make calculating and monitoring IM simple. Active monitoring of your IM exposure versus a pre-defined tolerance (either set internally or agreed bilaterally) will help you to identify when, if at all, you need to prioritize negotiation of legal documentation and custody account setup.

Over time, if IM exposure increases and you choose to sign an IM CSA, you can easily switch from monitoring IM to actively margining with your counterparties (CP). With added capability to potentially view your dealer-calculated IM exposure alongside your own numbers, the TriOptima monitoring approach provides maximum transparency.

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A flexible solution for every need

Choose the option that suits your firm’s requirements and easily move from one method to another as your business needs change.

  IM calculation and monitoring options
Key Steps

IMTM / triResolve Margin


triCalculate/IMTM/triResolve Margin

Calculate IM via schedule/grid      
Calculate IM via SIMM      
Receive CP IM (SIMM/schedule) calculation via IMTM or IMEM      
Set IM monitoring tolerance      
Receive notification when IM exceeds tolerance      


  • Leverage your counterparty to calculate IM Exposure (via SIMM/schedule)
  • STP capture of counterparty IM calculation in triResolve Margin (via Acadia’s IMTM or IMEM)
  • Receive automated notification from triResolve Margin when IM exposure exceeds tolerance

  • Load trades to triCalculate
  • triCalculate calculates IM exposure for in-scope trades using SIMM or Schedule/Grid
  • Monitor IM exposure via triCalculate report

  • Load trades to triCalculate
  • triCalculate calculates IM exposure for in-scope trades using SIMM or Schedule/Grid
  • Receive counterparty IM in triResolve Margin (via Acadia’s IMTM or IMEM)
  • Receive automated notification from triResolve Margin when IM exposure (own or counterparty) exceeds tolerance

Key features


Flexible options to calculate, validate and monitor your IM exposure.

Fully automated workflow

Fully automated IM monitoring workflow reduces operational burden and allows you to save valuable resources.

Manage exposure

Monitor both your own and counterparty IM exposure.

Threshold notifications

Everything you need upon threshold breach at no extra cost (automated call exchange, securities collateral pledge/accept).

Pay-as-you-go pricing

Fees are charged only in respect of in-scope IM trades and agreements.

Support included

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