Portfolio reconciliation and collateral management

Manage your counterparty credit risk and ensure regulatory compliance by automating your collateral and portfolio reconciliation processes to achieve a single combined view of disputes.

Automating credit risk management

Easily manage all margin activity using automated collateral management and proactive portfolio reconciliation, while validating and aligning your positions to reduce counterparty credit risk. Our unrivalled network manages more than 90% of all bilateral OTC derivatives across 2000+ groups, allowing you to interact with all counterparties in one place.

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Reinventing the dispute management process

Integration of real-time margin call workflow data with our advanced trade matching algorithms allows you to quickly identify portfolio and valuation differences between you and your counterparties. Advanced analytics help you learn what drives differences in your portfolio. By combining the portfolio reconciliation and collateral processes, users can seamlessly investigate call differences and drill down into specific portfolio mismatches. This makes our services unique.

Reduce counterparty risk by validating and aligning your portfolios and valuations on our unrivalled network. Work collaboratively with your counterparties on a single set of results to resolve differences.

Use For:

Validate and align positions

Reduce counterparty risk

Dispute resolution

Calculate and manage your collateral requirements via our automated workflow to save time and costs.

Use For:

IM and UMR compliance

Collateral inventory and settlement

Multi-product coverage

Calculate your inputs, manage your margin calls and resolve your disputes with our seamless initial margin service.

Use For:

Initial margin calculation

Threshold monitoring

Regulatory compliance

Features and benefits

Cost effective

Our transparent pricing model is pay as you go with no hidden fees.

Rapid onboarding

Be up and running on our web-based service in a day with no installation required.

Revolutionary analytics

Revolutionary analytics allow firms to focus on the exceptions, not the process. 

Regulatory compliance

Enables firms to meet the demands of new regulation without additional resources.

Industry network

Our network includes more than 2,000 firms across buy- and sell-side.


With 20 years’ experience, we’re recognized as an industry leader in post-trade risk management. 

Integrate and extend with innovative services

Explore our comprehensive range of related, intuitive, web-based services.

Optimize your OTC derivatives portfolio by lowering the cost of monitoring them and reducing counterparty risk.

Calculate valuation adjustments across credit, debt, funding, margin, capital and collateral for bilateral OTC derivatives.

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