Counterparty risk and margin optimization

Optimize your OTC derivatives portfolio by lowering IM funding costs and SA-CCR capital requirements, freeing up collateral, and reducing systemic risk.

Optimize counterparty risk exposures

Reduce counterparty and systemic risks across your portfolio. Lower capital and funding costs of maintaining derivatives and IM exposures. Enable more efficient use of operational resources and optimize the cost of bilateral and cleared initial margin, supported by the largest network of dealers optimizing IM/UMR exposures for FX, Interest Rates, Equity and commodities.

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Award-winning scalability through automation

Our award-winning margin optimization service is web-based, with no software installation necessary. We use a simple, trusted and uniform process, allowing you to achieve more scalability without increasing resources. Our client managers are available for training front, middle and back office personnel. Once you are onboard, they can guide you through the simple steps to get started.


Multilateral SA-CCR optimization solutions

Reduce counterparty risk exposures in combination with other key priorities, simplify OTC derivative portfolios and reduce the cost of maintaining them.

Features and benefits


Pay as you go with no hidden fees via our transparent pricing model.

Easy to use

Be live within a day. The web-based service requires no installation and you receive support from our expert team at no additional cost.

Risk reduction

Our exception-based STP process allows you to focus your resources on risk and compliance.

Product Scope

Manage your counterparty risk to maximize use of capital and minimize the cost of funding IM.
























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"Counterparty credit risk has become more important; the complexities of managing risk exposures across multiple counterparties, all moving at different speeds across different risk classes is a full-time job."

— Head of Sales and Relationship Management

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Reduce gross notional across ICE LIBOR swaps and the alternative benchmark.

Calculate inputs, manage margin calls and resolve disputes. 

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