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Reduce notional outstandings and line items, while minimizing operational resources and risks. Lower regulatory capital and manage cleared and non-cleared OTC derivatives across rates, FX and credit.

Use For:

Notional principal reduction

Lowering operational risks and costs

Benchmark conversion


Manage the margin call and dispute resolution process and reduce risk through a single consolidated platform. Increase operational efficiency, save costs and stay compliant with regulations.

Use For:

Collateral management

Uncleared margin rules

Reconciling portfolio data

Dispute resolution

Counterparty credit risk

triCalculate IM

Simplify compliance to initial margin requirements by providing SIMM™ inputs in-line with the latest SIMM™ model, including delta, vega and curvature calculations.

Use For:

Initial margin requirements

SIMM™ sensitivities

IM analytics


Reduce and optimize counterparty risk exposures. Simplify OTC derivative portfolios, reduce the cost of maintaining them, and lower initial margin requirements and uncleared margin rules exposure.   

Use For:

Multilateral risk mitigation

Portfolio optimization

Uncleared margin rules

Capital efficiency

triCalculate XVA

Save resources and increase precision using triCalculate XVA to price, report and validate your XVA risk calculations for OTC derivatives.

Use For:

XVA calculations

XVA sensitivities

Pre-deal checks

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