Trade lifecycle management

Review, reconcile and interact with your T+N data throughout the swap lifecycle, from trade date to settlement.

Optimize equity swap post-trade processes

Efficiently interact with your counterparties via our exception management tool to identify, track and resolve breaks to achieve equity swaps affirmation. Increase efficiencies in the swap market, particularly for the monthly reset periods, and reduce risks to unlock costs savings using our trade lifecycle management service.

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Increase efficiencies, reduce risks

Access a centralized platform enabling equity swaps reconciliation and affirmation of daily trades, valuations, payments and swap wrappers. Our single data entry, cloud-based solution translates swap-provider reporting into a universal format. A dynamic dashboard provides a high-level overview on risk and break statuses across modules, directing users into exceptions to accept or dispute with counterparties.

Use With

Trade processing

A post-trade community of thousands of counterparties, all on one network

Features and benefits

Simplify data

View normalized equity swap data sets on a daily basis across trades, swap wrappers, positions, closed profit and loss, financing, dividends and payments to offer the market a standardized format across multiple relationships.

Centralize processes

Manage your equity swap day-to-day processes using our market-leading user interface that provides both parties with a single view into breaks and other key data sets for enhanced break resolution.

Manage risk

Our innovative matching and compare engine provides real-time break statuses across each swap component, so participants understand their top-day risks at relationship level and enables the user to plan each day effectively using dashboard functions.


Use our next generation dashboard and blotter to interact efficiently with your counterparties and communicate, track and resolve breaks in an optimal manner.

Complex processes, made simpler

We improve the daily front-to-back processes for Equity swap post-trade in one comprehensive solution.

One language, one interface

Our exception-management tool consumes, normalizes and presents T+N swap reporting data in one consistent language, with a customizable user interface.

Interact with data through the lifecycle

Clients can review, reconcile and interact with their T+N data throughout the swap lifecycle, from trade date to settlement.

Efficient and transparent

Communication processes are centralized, with daily breaks resolved quickly and efficiently with tracking and auditing functionality.

How it works



Swap provider and buyside participants send their equity swap data sets via a single connection.


Transformation & normalization

Participant data sets are subsequently transformed based on the relationship set-up and required format.



Data is reconciled according to relationship and flexible matching schemas to identify breaks and matched records. Day-on-day comparison is available for single-sided data sets to highlight swap provider booking amends.


Exception management

Rapid break identification, clear affirmation and dispute communication track breaks through to resolution and matched status. Buy-side disputes are sent to the swap providers in single report format for standardized breaks communication.

Integrate and extend with innovative services

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