Payment and settlement optimization

Improve efficiency in the payment and settlement process through average pricing, periodic payments messaging and matching, and settlement netting.

A centralized, consolidated workflow

Rationalize connections and maintain preferred messaging languages widely used throughout post-trade processing to achieve operational and financial efficiencies in the payment and settlement space. With a true cross-asset set of products, participants can eliminate manual processes through STP, maximize netting potential and reduce costs.

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Innovative technology means more efficiency

State-of-art technology leverages a microservices architecture that connects to the wider set of Traiana products. Using an automated straight-through processing net settlement solution, we align netting cut-off and settlement cut-off and provide real-time communication of netting intent from buy-side businesses to banks on the trade side.

Use with

Trade processing

A post-trade community of thousands of counterparts, all on one network

Features and benefits

One language, one interface

Our suite of processing products will consume, transform and communicate data between participants, simplifying workflows for our clients.

Data transparency

Review, reconcile and interact with your data throughout the payment and settlement process.

Operational efficiencies

Rationalize connections cross asset to obtain higher STP and reduced costs.

An automated solution

Remove the complexity from fragmented manual processes through a centralized, single connection to reach market participants.


Access a bi-directional, centralized messaging service across 70+ payment types.


Benefit from real-time matching and exception management.

Average Pricing

Reduce trade ticket processing and achieve average pricing.


Reduce settlement obligations for FX and Equities products through the end-to-end netting service.

Access a centralized optimization messaging service for managing a wide range of periodic payment types.

  • Increases efficiency by allowing clients to send all cashflow messages into a centralized hub
  • Reduces cost by allowing participants to use existing internal system interfaces more efficiently
  • Reduces operational risk by providing automated processing of multiple payment types
  • Streamlines processes by consolidating multiple client payment details into a single connection
  • Reduces settlement failure by automating manual transformations
  • Offers convenience by supporting all ISITC cash codes and utilizing the new industry standards developed by the FIX trading community
  • Performs internal validation checks on received messages to verify required fields are populated and ACKs/NAKs are generated
  • Offers comprehensive payment coverage with 70+ payment types supported

Integrate and extend with innovative services

Explore our comprehensive range of related, intuitive, web-based services.

A single user interface that improves the front-to-back processes between market participants. 

Manage credit limits and legal documents that underpin and enable credit to be extended between counterparties.

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