• CME Account Manager Notices: December 13, 2017

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      • 13 December 2017
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      † Denotes update to the article

      Update - Updates to Trading Sub Account Administration

      Effective †Sunday, January 7 (trade date Monday, January 8), to simplify administration of Trading Sub Accounts, the following changes will be implemented for Trading Sub Accounts and the "parent" Customer Accounts they are associated with.

      Trading Sub Accounts

       The following updates will apply to managing the associated Trading Sub Accounts:

      • Creating Trading Sub Accounts:
        • The Trader Risk Administrator must have the same entitlements for all services that are enabled for the Customer Account to create associated Trading Sub Accounts. For example, if CME ClearPort and CME Direct (Globex) are enabled for a Customer Account, the Trader Risk Administrator must also be entitled for CME ClearPort and CME Direct (Globex) to create Trading Sub Accounts.
        • All services associated with the Customer Account will be inherited by the Trading Sub Account.
          • Services on a Trading Sub Account cannot be added or removed.
      • Modifying Trading Sub Accounts:
        • Credit controls and Broker / Trader selections on a Trading Sub Account can be only edited by a Trader Risk Administrator with entitlements for the associated service. For example, if a Trading Sub Account is enabled for CME ClearPort and CME Direct (Globex), but the Trader Risk Administrator is only entitled for CME ClearPort, then they can only edit information associated with CME ClearPort.
        • A Trader Risk Administrator modifying a Trading Sub Account under a Delegated Intermediary (DI) Customer Account must be entitled for all services the Cutomer Account is enabled for.
      • Deleting / Updating Status for Trading Sub Accounts:
        • A Trader Risk Administrator deleting or changing the active/inactive status of a Trading Sub Account must be entitled for all services that the Customer Account is enabled for.

      Customer Account

      The following updates will apply to managing the Customer Account:

      • Services added or removed from a Customer Account will be automatically persisted to the Trading Sub Accounts.
      • If a Customer Account has associated Trading Sub Accounts:
        • The account owner on the Customer Account cannot be edited.
        • The Customer Account cannot be deleted.
      • Customer Account with associated Trading Sub Accounts cannot be edited using the Account Upload option.

      These enhancements are currently available for customer testing in New Release.

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      Postponed - Information Security Update

      The TLS change previously scheduled for this Sunday, December 17, has been postponed to ensure customer readiness. The new effective date will be announced soon. Customers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to TLS 1.2 immediately to ensure seamless access; please contact your system administrator or network provider today.

      This change is currently available for customer testing in New Release and Certification.