Issue 3 2021 ‒ Portfolio Reconciliation and Collateral Update

Collateral Update



We are delighted to have won the following awards:

FTF Awards 2021

  • Best Sell-Side Collateral Management Solution
  • Service Provider of the Year

GlobalCapital Americas Derivatives Awards 2021

  • ​​Risk Management, Pricing and Valuations Provider of the Year​​​

Thanks to all our customers for your support.

Interview: Time to act ‒ smart transitions to UMR compliance

Neil Murphy, business manager at TriOptima, discusses the critical steps for phase five and six firms, offering insights into priorities, potential pitfalls, and solutions to meeting UMR deadlines.

Webinars: Are you in scope for phase 5 or 6 of the Uncleared Margin Rules?

Listen to one of our on-demand webinars, run in partnership with and Asia Risk, and hear from panels of regional industry participants as they share best practices and recent experiences with UMR planning.

Preparing for IM compliance ‒ understanding the 50 million threshold

Firms are not required to complete legal documentation and custodian arrangements until they breach the 50 million threshold with each of their counterparties. Until that point, you are required to monitor IM exposure, potentially opening the door to a lighter path to IM compliance. Find out more about how TriOptima can help.

Case study: UMR phase 5 firm ‒ IM monitoring

Regional bank requires support for day one calculation and monitoring of initial margin, with potential for future exchange of IM margin calls.

Case study: UMR phase 5 firm preparing to exchange margin

Firm requires connectivity to IM infrastructure, improved workflow support, electronic messaging for margin call exchange, and replacement of legacy processes with automation.

Key UMR challenges explained

UMR challenges can be broadly split into two groups ‒ IM calculation and collateral management. In addition, the volume of firms in scope for phases 5 and 6, relative to those in the previous phases, brings additional headaches as firms compete for mutual resources.

Minimize the UMR compliance burden by embracing automation

What preparations should phase 5 and 6 firms be making, and where should they be focusing their time and effort?


  • 2021 Suggested Operational Practices for the OTC Derivatives Collateral

Portfolio Reconciliation Update

Reduce counterparty risk by validating and aligning your portfolios and valuations across all asset classes and automate settlement affirmation on our unrivalled network.

Need to discuss the impact of the cessation of LIBOR and the transition to alternative RFRs on your reconciliations?

Cashflow affirmation

triResolve has been extended to include cashflow affirmation to support the derivative and repo settlement processes. Manage settlement affirmation across all asset classes more efficiently and achieve greater alignment. 

Cashflow affirmation Q&A

  1. What are the problems with the traditional cashflow affirmation process?
  2. Did the pandemic highlight any issues?
  3. How does onboarding cashflows improve reconciliation?
  4. What benefits can be realized by automating cashflow affirmation?

Repository reconciliation

Gain full visibility into the accuracy and reporting of trades so that you can compare your records with those held by the trade repository/your counterparties.

Special focus: triCalculate service

Why did triCalculate win Global Capital's Risk Management, Pricing and Valuations Provider of the Year award?

​​​​​​XVA: triCalculate provides exposure profiles, netting set XVA, sensitivities, and pre-deal checking for OTC derivatives across all asset classes and business units.

Trade sensitivities and IM: Compare IM results using the SIMM™ and schedule calculation methods. Identify and prioritize counterparties with high expected IM and anticipate IM costs. triCalculate produces SIMM™ inputs in-line with the latest model and connects automatically to industry platforms.

Regulatory essentials

Hong Kong Monetary Authority


Monetary Authority of Singapore

  • Securities and Futures Act
  • ​​​​Key date: October 8, 2021. Commencement of risk mitigation requirements for non-centrally cleared OTC derivative contracts.

Securities and Exchange Commission

  • SEC regulation on record keeping and reporting of security-based swaps. Read the rules and press release.
  • Key compliance date projected: November 8, 2021
  • For substitute compliance, the SEC has summarized the process and current statutes here.

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