Issue 2 2021 ‒ Compression and Optimization Report


FTF Awards: Service Provider of the Year

We are delighted that TriOptima has been shortlisted at this year's FTF Awards in the category 'Service Provider of the Year'. Please show your support by voting. Easily find the relevant category by searching (Ctrl.F) for TriOptima.

Multilateral compression: Magnificent March

In March 2021, we compressed over $27 trillion in gross notional across Rates, FX and Credit derivatives with 76 market participants - helping banks optimize capital requirements and reduce exposure to legacy IR benchmarks ahead of cessation.


triReduce on-demand bilateral FX compression

We are helping clients minimize their bilateral FX exposures as they seek to stay under the UMR threshold during the AANA calculation period. Clients can initiate targeted FX compression cycles and specify almost every aspect, while their risk profile remains the same.

SA-CCR changes the game, but will it change how you play it?

The introduction of regulations on Standard Approach to Counterparty Credit Risk (SA-CCR) is changing firms' approaches to capital costs. Are you looking for SA-CCR solutions? Optimize with TriOptima.

Innovation in FX post trade

Mattias Palm, Head of triReduce FX, presented at the FX Markets Asia virtual conference on "How Innovation is Reshaping the FX Market - a Post-Trading Perspective."


triBalance has been helping the industry proactively manage SA-CCR and RWA exposures, while simultaneously optimizing initial margin for six months. Learn how our multilateral solution can reduce your counterparty credit risk and cost of trading.

Latin American currencies

The March bilateral Chilean peso cycle saw a record number of participants compress CLP 21.8 trillion notional, a 700% increase year on year.

APAC currencies

We completed the largest Japanese yen cycle at JSCC since 2017, with participants compressing JPY 246.8 trillion.

Cross-currency swap compression surges in Q1

Q1 was our most active since 2017.This further underscores the breadth and depth of our offering, with support for both LCH SwapAgent trades and trade referencing alternative benchmarks for compression. 

triReduce API

The triReduce API allows participants to automate each step of a compression cycle, from scheduling processes to submitting files and downloading the results files. You can, for example, let your system download and verify the proposal as soon as it is published. The triReduce API is available for both triReduce Rates and triReduce FX.

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Virtual event: Fifth Annual Impact of CCP Risk and Initial Margin on Counterparty Risk Management

Listen to the TriOptima panel considerThe great balancing act: A discussion about the interplay between UMR and SA-CCR’

Benchmark Conversion


SGD SORA Swaps compressed for the first time in LCH SGD cycle

Our SGD cycles at LCH included SORA swaps for the first time. Firms are utilizing triReduce to decrease their exposure to legacy benchmarks in readiness for the broader adoption of the alternative RFR.

triReduce completed first benchmark conversion with €STR risk replacement trades

We are pleased to offer regular compression/conversion cycles in €STR, TONA, and SONIA with more benchmarks being added.

UK FCA announcement on future cessation and loss of representativeness of the LIBOR benchmarks




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Legacy benchmark risk: A robust and effective conversion mechanism

Learn how customers can iteratively convert their legacy benchmark risk using multilateral compression and alternative benchmark replacement trades.

'Ask an Expert' video series

triReduce experts sat down with Risk to answer questions about reducing exposure to legacy benchmarks as part of the coming transition to alternative reference rates.

Opening the buy-side liquidity pool

How can buy- and sell-side participants optimize the transition of legacy benchmark OTC swaps to alternative reference rates?


Risk LIBOR Live
Hear Vikash Rughani, triReduce business manager, speak at the upcoming Risk LIBOR Live event on the panel 'Transition in derivatives markets'.


Benchmark conversion APAC webinar (in June)
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