Striking Insights: Energy Options Trends & Tools

  • 25 Aug 2021
  • By CME Group

Trending product: Weekly Crude Oil options

  • Crude Oil Weekly options are now listed in $0.25 strike increments, providing a more precise option to manage short-term crude oil exposure
  • WTI Weekly options trading activity is at recent highs -
    • Over 200 different of the new 0.25 strikes have traded for volume, totaling over 17,000 lots
    • WTI Weeklies ADV in July 2021 was 4,819 – highest level since March 2020
    • WTI Weeklies average daily open interest in July 2021 was 10,913 – highest level since March 2020

Our article, Hedging with WTI Crude Oil Weekly Options, provides a range of use cases and strategies for Weekly WTI options for storage, upstream, and downstream risk management.

Trending Chatter: Upcoming Winter volatility in Henry Hub options

  • Screen-traded Henry Hub options (symbol LN) offer the most liquid order book for traders to manage their natural gas price risk
  • Nearly 60% of all Henry Hub options trade on-screen
  • Over 60% of on-screen volume in Henry Hub options is traded as an RFQ strategy

Trending Tool: Open Interest Profile

An interactive option analytics tool where users can analyze open interest and open interest change patterns for each expiration within the selected product.

  • Open interest is building quickly in the Henry Hub options winter contract months
  • Visualize open interest trends and put/call ratios with the Open Interest Profile tool

Stay current with the latest possible outcomes of the OPEC meeting with our tool.

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