Q1 2019 Energy Report

  • 20 Jun 2019
  • By CME Group
  • Topics: Energy

The Latest CME Group Energy News

U.S. Oil on the Auction Block

CME Auction, a new technical innovation, is transforming the shale industry, enabling U.S. oil exporters to reach the international marketplace.

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CME Auction: U.S. Crude Oil

Emergence of HCL as a Global Benchmark

Physically-delivered WTI Houston (HCL) represents a significant new source of export barrels for the international crude oil market. Check out the latest report co-authored by Wood Mackenzie

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WTI Options Liquidity During Non-U.S. Hours

In Q1 2019, 18% of total electronic WTI Crude Oil (LO) Options volume was executed during non-U.S. hours. As the upward trend continues, WTI options traders have begun hedging event risk in the current marketplace.

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Natural Gas Weekly Update

U.S. Energy Information reports the lowest level of natural gas stocks since 2014 while Henry Hub prices rise slightly.

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In Our Markets

WTI Houston (HCL) Futures

Surpassed 100,000 total contracts traded on Apr. 8

WTI Crude Oil (LO) Options

Record 50% of on-screen LO volume executed via RFQ in Q1 2019

Japan/Korea Marker (JKM) Futures

Record volume and open interest in March 2019

RBOB Gasoline (RB) Futures

ADV during Mar 2019 was 240K, up 26% YoY

ICI 4 Indonesian Coal Futures

Record 1 million+ metric tons traded in March 2019

Insight To Crack The Crude Oil Markets

Our Chart of the Week insight series is available every two weeks. If you are an oil trader looking for an edge, sign up to download the latest chart.

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Nymex Global Gas On Trayport Joule Direct

Access our global gas offering now available to trade on one screen.

2019 Q1 Volume

Energy Market Research

Natural Gas: Trayport Joule Direct

Is LNG the New Oil?

The LNG market is increasingly affected by international relations as much as by supply and demand. Is it time to ask whether LNG is becoming the new oil?

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