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  • 26 Oct 2021
  • By CME Group
  • Topics: EBS

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Yen Weakens as Energy Fallout Hits Currencies

Since September 21, the Japanese yen (JPY) has weakened sharply against the US dollar (USD). 


Monetary Policy, Real Estate Challenges to China’s Yuan

Over the past three years, the Chinese yuan has strengthened sharply against most emerging market currencies while tracking closely European currencies such as the euro and British pound.


Macroeconomic Drivers of the US Dollar-Euro Exchange Rate

Since the euro’s inception in 1999, the euro-US dollar exchange rate (EUR/USD) has been the world’s most widely traded currency pair. During its first 16 years, it traded in wide ranges, from a low of almost 0.8 to a high of nearly 1.6 dollars to the euro. For the past six and half years, however, EUR/USD has settled into a much narrower band from 1.04 to 1.25.


FX credit risk – The solution is simple if everyone is on the same page

A panel of experts from XTX, EBS, Sucden, and Traiana argue why all major FX market participants should come together to engage and adopt existing solutions to solve credit risk challenges.