JULY 2021

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  • 28 Jul 2021
  • By CME Group

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$61.7B traded ON EBS*
$80B in CME FX futures and options
* Note: EBS total volume excludes forwards and swaps

EBS Direct: Now 10x faster – ready for API traders around the world

Customers trading on EBS Direct can now benefit from enhanced processing times – below 50 microseconds – and faster market data on the new platform. This is the most significant upgrade to EBS Direct, our dedicated bilateral trading platform, since its inception.

Our new technology will deliver improved price discovery, provide greater certainty of execution, and significantly improve fill ratios for market participants. The creation of a more deterministic trading environment will create operational, execution, and total cost efficiencies ‒ improving overall trading performance for both liquidity consumers and liquidity providers.

That’s why Mohamed Braham, Global Head of FIC Trading at Societe Generale, commented:

“It has been a pleasure to work with the EBS team and establish Societe Generale as one of the first clients on the new EBS Direct platform. We are excited by the potential for further improvement in our OTC FX trading and the efficiencies that will stem as a result."      

EBS Market: New Release Environment – everything ready for testing

Our New Release environment is ready for testing, including all of the products and functionality available to ensure your firm is ready for when EBS moves to Globex, and our new matching engine model is employed – centralizing liquidity, simplifying access, improving determinism, and delivering new features and order types.

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EBS Workstation: The future is getting closer

Central to our clients’ upgraded experience is our new WebConnect version of EBS, which has replaced Global Access. WebConnect has all the features, benefits, and operational experience that you are used to – just with greater security and Single Sign-On so wherever you are, your EBS experience will go with you.

Forwards trading: Improved liquidity and interface are getting closer

Our Forwards Trading platform is migrating to new technology – to deliver a more advanced interface, analytics, and experience. Development is now largely complete with final user acceptance testing underway. Deployment to clients is due to commence at the end of July for completion at the end of September, when the legacy system will be decommissioned.

What will change?

  • New URL, new Duo authenticated login credentials

What will stay the same?

  • The new user interface will look and feel the same, as will the trading flow and mechanism

What new functionality will be available?

  • More flexible layout will be more flexibility on smaller screens
  • On-screen deal validation messaging far clearer
  • Currency flags added for additional clarity
  • Blotter will be more configurable, with improved usability and enhanced download features

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