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June 2023 Highlights
  • In June, North American weather concerns impacted corn implied volatility, driving it above Chicago Wheat volatility. Soybean skew rose dramatically post the Acreage report nearing corn levels of 6% as indicated by the CVOL skew index.
  • Record relationship-based trading occurred during June as cross volume averaged 58K and blocks averaged 18K contracts.
  • The Agricultural complex established a new option ADV record of 523,628 contracts, with short-term options, the Livestock complex and Soybean Oil contracts all setting records.

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CVOL – Corn and Soybean

Option Products

June ADV

Year/Year % Change







Chicago SRW Wheat



Soybean Meal



Soybean Oil






Live Cattle



KC HRW Wheat



Feeder Cattle



Class III Milk



Short-Term Option ADV


June ADV

June ADV


Weekly options

Short-Dated New Crop options







Chicago SRW Wheat



Soybean Meal



Soybean Oil



Starting in mid-May, Corn and Soybean volatility increased dramatically as North American weather became a concern. As measured by CVOL, corn volatility peaked at 48.5 June 21 with skew peaking Friday June 23. Soybean skew hit a high of 6.2 a week earlier than corn. The landscape quickly changed post Acreage report with corn skew decreasing and soybeans increasing with both contracts trading around 6% at the end of the month.

CVOL – implied volatility

During June, Corn  volatility traded over Chicago Wheat with Soybeans, trading around 10 vol points lower. To close out the month, wheat and corn volatility were both trading around 40% when looking at the CVOL Index.

Soybean Oil

On June 21, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency finalized renewable fuel standards, Soybean Oil futures moved limit down the same day with major shifts in skew and implied volatility as visually shown in the above CVOL chart. On the day of the June 30 Acreage report, Soybean Oil futures went limit up with skew and implied volatility increasing. Soybean Oil options traded a single day record of 89K contracts on June 9 and set a monthly ADV record of 34K as market participants navigate uncertain times in the market.

Live Cattle

Live Cattle futures rallied 2.4% on June 1 with volatility and skew following with the underlying movement. Looking at the CVOL chart, you can see volatility levels have tapered off a bit, but skew continues to increase throughout June.

Short-term options

Agriculture has three types of short-term options (Short-Dated New Crop, New Crop Weekly, and Weekly), which made up over 25% of Corn and 14% of Soybean option activity this past month.

Short-Dated New Crop Weekly options established a single day record of 147,986 on June 16 and monthly ADV record of 65,639 

  • Record Weekly Options ADV = 17,948 
  • Record New Crop Weekly Options ADV = 2,029 and record open interest of 12,305 on June 29

Relationship-based trading

A continued trend of market participants finding additional value in execution in the form of a block or cross for Agricultural options created the highest market share and ADV in June for relationship-based trading. 

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