• Looking at historical CVOL Index for corn, soybeans, and Chicago wheat participants can see how markets are trading at elevated levels compared to the last three years.
  • Corn and Soybean Weekly Options expire every Friday and are now based on New Crop futures.  In August, volume was up a robust 37% YoY with activity spiking on the August WASDE.  The Week three option aligns with the upcoming Sept 12 WASDE.
  • As Dec Corn futures rally ~9% in August, the $7 calls saw the largest OI change increasing over 23K contracts on the month.
  • Feeder Cattle options hit record August ADV of 1,835, bucking the trend of a slower seasonal month.
Option Product August ADV Year/Year % Change
Corn 100,560 8%
Soybean 53,760 -2%
Chicago SRW Wheat 21,650 11%
Short-Dated New Crop Option 11,297 15%
Soybean Oil 9,491 -10%
Soybean Meal 11,403 29%
Hogs 10,642 21%
Live Cattle 10,293 20%
Ag Weekly Option 7,998 33%
KC HRW Wheat 2,354 -53%
Calendar Spread Option 2,290 85%
Feeder Cattle 1,835 92%
Class III Milk 1,419 50%


CVOL Index (Historical) – Grain and oilseed markets are still trading at elevated implied volatility levels.  Comparing CVOL during August, you can see how much market uncertainty is currently priced into the market.

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December Corn – December corn rallied close to 9% in August as market participants ramped up open interest in the Dec $7 call as the 25-delta risk reversal decreased from 4.66 to 1.62.

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Feeder Cattle – With severe drought impacting grazing land and feed costs, there have been record numbers of cattle moved off grass. Seasonally, futures prices tend to top and then move sideways to lower from the U.S. Labor Day holiday into fall; we are bucking the trend as the industry quickly moves through the supply. With this trend call skew is historically high for the October contract.

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