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  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/trade-war_459x293-option2.jpg", "date": "2018-12-06T12:43:00.000-06:00", "title": "Post-G20 Market Implications for U.S.- China Trade, Oil Prices", "description": "The G20 meeting yielded the U.S.-China trade war cease-fire and the Russia-Saudi Arabia pact to curb oil output. How will they pan out in 2019?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/will-us-dollar-keep-its-momentum-in-2019-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-12-03T12:50:00.000-06:00", "title": "Will U.S. Dollar Keep Its Momentum in 2019?", "description": "The Fed's rate hikes have underpinned the U.S. dollar for nearly two years. Equities, GDP growth and the widening deficit could alter its path in 2019." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/taking-the-pulse-of-dr-copper-for-2019-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-11-29T06:00:00.000-06:00", "title": "Taking the Pulse of Dr. Copper for 2019", "description": "Copper is considered a barometer for global economic health. We look at the key factors that could influence its price in 2019, including Chinese growth." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/three-factors-that-could-undercut-us-farmland-values-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-11-27T06:00:00.000-06:00", "title": "Three Factors That Could Undercut U.S. Farmland Values", "description": "Farmland values have plateaued since 2015. Whether they go up or down from here could depend on interest rates, strength of the U.S. dollar and crop prices." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/corporate-earnings-growth-to-slow-to-single-digits-in-2019-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-11-26T14:00:00.000-06:00", "title": "Corporate Earnings Growth to Slow to Single Digits in 2019?", "description": "Effects of the Fed's multiple interest rates hikes, the escalating U.S.-China trade war and California fires could affect corporate earnings growth." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/as-oil-prices-plunge-what-will-swing-producers-do-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-11-21T10:30:00.000-06:00", "title": "As Oil Prices Plunge, What Will Swing Producers Do?", "description": "Even as oil prices plumb new depths, output in the United States could continue to rise for several more months. The ball is in the court of Saudi Arabia and OPEC." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/ag-options-caught-in-the-feds-monetary-policy-vortex_459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-11-20T20:04:00.000Z", "title": "Ag Options: Caught in the Fed's Monetary Policy Vortex", "description": "Is implied volatility in corn, soybean and wheat dancing to the tune of the Fed's monetary policy stance more than it is from the vagaries of weather?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/as-budget-deficit-boosts-bond-supply-what-will-equities-do-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-11-19T13:46:00.000-06:00", "title": "As Budget Deficit Boosts Bond Supply, What Will Equities Do?", "description": "The growing budget deficit fueled by massive corporate tax cuts is boosting the supply of government bonds. How will this affect equities in 2019?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Emma-Estoque", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/chat-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-11-14T17:03:00.000-03:00", "title": "Understanding CME Chat", "description": "Watch a video to understand CME Chat, including how to initiate a conversation, quote a market, use rooms, and more. " }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/2018/markets-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-11-12T13:16:00.000-06:00", "title": "What's in Store for Markets in 2019? Key Themes to Watch", "description": "How will markets perform in 2019 after a tumultuous 2018? We outline key themes to watch as the likely lag effects of policy changes hit home." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/china-is-the-trade-wars-impact-overblown-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-11-08T08:00:00.000-06:00", "title": "China: Is the Trade War's Impact Overblown?", "description": "Tariffs imposed on Chinese imports into the United States have not hobbled growth in the world's second largest economy. But will they bite in 2019?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/trade-war-impact-on-earnings-soybeans-oil-and-treasuries-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-11-05T14:04:00.000-06:00", "title": "Trade War: Impact on Earnings, Soybeans, Oil and Treasuries", "description": "With the U.S.-China trade war showing no sign of abating, we examine its possible implications on corporate earnings, oil, soybeans and Treasuries in 2019." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/mid-term-elections-likely-winners-and-losers-in-equities-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-11-01T06:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "Mid-Term Elections: Likely Winners and Losers in Equities", "description": "The high-stakes mid-term elections on Nov. 6 could impact select equity sectors depending on the outcome, with health care topping the list." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/still-a-few-event-risk-to-watch-as-2018-draws-to-a-close-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-10-30T13:49:00.000-05:00", "title": "Still a Few Cases of Event Risk to Watch as 2018 Winds Down", "description": "The year may be drawing to a close but there are still a few event risk to look out for, including the U.S. mid-term elections on Nov. 6 and Brexit talks." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam, education:Author/Paula-Attie", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/china-brazil-currencies-on-diverging-paths-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-10-29T15:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "China & Brazil: Currencies on Diverging Paths?", "description": "The election of a new leader in Brazil and the escalating Sino-U.S. trade war could send their currencies, the real and yuan, on diverging paths." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/as-merkel-falls-will-bunds-and-treasuries-follow-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-10-29T10:39:00.000-05:00", "title": "As Merkel Falls, Will Bunds and Treasuries Follow?", "description": "German Chancellor Angela Merkel, under intense political pressure to her leadership, is stepping down as party leader. How will Bunds and Treasuries react?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/could-a-severe-equities-selloff-prolong-economic-expansion-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-10-29T09:45:00.000-05:00", "title": "Could a Severe Equities Selloff Prolong Economic Expansion?", "description": "Could a sharp pullback in equities help to prolong the U.S. economic expansion and thus delay the onset of any recession? We look to the past for answers." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/oil-six-major-themes-to-watch-over-the-next-few-years-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-10-25T06:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "Oil: Six Major Themes to Watch Over the Next Few Years", "description": "Six key themes could drive the energy market over the long term, and they include U.S. oil exports, electric cars and shifts to natural gas as a clean fuel." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/euros-fate-may-be-in-italys-hand-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-10-22T14:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "Euro's Fate May Be In Italy's Hand", "description": "The euro could rise against the U.S. dollar if Italy's government abandons its plan for tax cuts and spending increases that could widen the deficit." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/how-will-rising-interest-rates-impact-growing-budget-deficit-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-10-18T06:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "How Will Rising Interest Rates Impact Growing Budget Deficit?", "description": "The U.S. budget deficit has grown rapidly amid increased government spending and massive tax cuts. Will rising interest rates widen the deficit further?" }