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  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/feds-five-critical-issues-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-18T10:47:00.000-05:00", "title": "Fed's Five Critical Issues", "description": "The Fed is facing five issues that could play a key role in its forward guidance on monetary policy, chief among them being the trade war and the economy." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/trade-war-developments-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-15T15:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "Trade War Developments", "description": "Is the US about to wrap up talks with China to end their trade war while it considers imposing new tariffs against Europe? Equities could be in play." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/treasury-options-skews-investment-signals-or-noise-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-15T06:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "Treasury Options Skews: Investment Signals or Noise?", "description": "Are skews in Treasury options, especially when in the extreme, sending reliable investment signals? Here's what our analysis found." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/CME-Group", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/eurodollar-futures-the-basics-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-12T13:00:00.000-03:00", "title": "Eurodollar Futures: The Basics", "description": "Learn the basics of trading Eurodollar futures, how they work, how they trade and how they relate to adjacent money markets." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/CME-Group", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/overview-what-makes-ags-markets-work-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-10T08:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "How CME Group Ag Markets Operate", "description": "Read about the critical components that make CME Group ags markets the best in the world, including order matching process, market integrity and more." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/portfolios-and-investing-if-when-winter-is-coming-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-09T12:31:00.000-05:00", "title": "Portfolios and Investing: If/When "Winter is Coming"?", "description": "Did the Fed over-tighten monetary policy with its nine rate hikes, paving the way for an investment 'winter' in equities and bond markets?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/CME-Group", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/relationship-based-trading-a-year-in-review_459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-08T20:17:00.000+01:00", "title": "Relationship-Based Trading: A Year in Review", "description": "Take a look back at the launch of Relationship-Based Trading and the year since, including trading data and volume over the last year." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/CME-Group", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/2019-04-ag-update-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-08T12:30:00.000-05:00", "title": "April Ags Update", "description": "Read the April Ags Update for a look at falling hog supply in China, the Cross Correlation Report Tool in QuikStrike, and more." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/political-brinkmanship-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-08T12:01:00.000+01:00", "title": "Political Brinkmanship", "description": "Could U.S. political brinkmanship cause a government shutdown and technical debt default, putting the economy at risk in the fourth quarter?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/CME-Group", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/equities-the-fed-a-dependent-or-codependent-relationship-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-04T20:12:00.000+01:00", "title": "March Agricultural Options Update", "description": "Read about Ags options in March, including an open interest record of 364,316 for Lean Hogs and historic lows in Grain and Oilseed implied volatility." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/grain-oilseed-prices-dance-to-a-new-global-tune-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-04T13:15:00.000-03:00", "title": "Grain, Oilseed Prices Dance to a new Global Tune", "description": "As global crop production diversifies geographically, prices for corn, soybean and wheat are becoming more sensitive to currencies like the ruble and real." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Gregor-Spilker", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/a-story-of-success-the-evolution-of-ttf-trading_459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-02T20:17:00.000+01:00", "title": "A Story of Success: The Evolution of TTF Trading", "description": "The Netherlands and TTF play the lead role in European natural gas markets. Read about the right tools for interconnected gas markets." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Paul-Wightman, education:Author/Gregor-Spilker", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/us-natural-gas-liquids-production-continues_459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-02T20:17:00.000+01:00", "title": "U.S. Natural Gas Liquids Drive Global Supply Growth ", "description": "Growing U.S. export volumes are helping to connect the U.S. natural gas liquids (NGLs) industry to the key global demand centers." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/fx-leadership-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-04-01T02:30:00.000-05:00", "title": "FX Leadership", "description": "Can the U.S. dollar maintain its leadership of global currencies amid a decelerating economy and the China trade war elevating risk in the United States?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/equities-the-fed-a-dependent-or-codependent-relationship-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-03-27T15:12:00.000-05:00", "title": "Equities & the Fed: A Dependent or Codependent Relationship?", "description": "Equities rose by double-digits since Christmas on expectations that the Fed will hold off on further rate hikes. What will fuel the next rally - a rate cut?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/CME-Group", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/clearing-at-the-right-place-at-the-right-time_459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-03-25T16:00:00.000Z", "title": "Clearing at the Right Place, at the Right Time", "description": "As clearing of OTC derivatives grows, every financial institution must make a big decision to assess wat and where to clear. " }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/debt-ceiling-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-03-25T08:00:00.000-03:00", "title": "Debt Ceiling Back in Play", "description": "The twin threat of a technical debt default and potential government shutdown could resurface later this year, likely affecting equities and Treasuries." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/CME-Group", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/comex-copper-the-true-transparent-global-reference-price/comex-copper-the-true-transparent-global-reference-price-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-03-21T13:00:00.000-03:00", "title": "COMEX Copper-The True, Transparent Global Reference Price", "description": "COMEX Copper futures and options provide the liquidity and transparency you need in a global reference price. Read how. " }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/CME-Group", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/fx-briefing_459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-03-21T11:12:00.000Z", "title": "Event Insights: Risk FX Briefing", "description": "Read and overview of the Risk FX Briefing event held in Frankfurt February 12, including the latest trends in the FX industry." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/Rub-brl_459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-03-20T16:28:00.000-05:00", "title": "Brazil and Russia: Divergence and Convergence", "description": "The Brazilian and Russian currencies have been on a similar trend against the U.S. dollar this decade, but their fiscal paths tell a different story." }