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  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/why-does-the-fed-need-to-cut-rates-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-27T13:15:00.000-03:00", "title": "Why Does the Fed Need to Cut Rates?", "description": "Pressure on the Fed has been mounting to cut interest rates. Why does the central bank need to loosen monetary policy and will it help the economy?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/europes-recovery-hinges-on-fiscal-policy-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-26T09:30:00.000-05:00", "title": "Europe's Recovery Hinges on Fiscal Policy", "description": "Will Germany, the lynchpin of the eurozone economy, take the lead with fiscal stimulus by raising spending and cutting taxes to bolster Europe's recovery?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/china-brazil-and-the-soybean-crush-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-25T06:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "China, Brazil and the Soybean Crush", "description": "Soybeans are crushed into soy meal and the more expensive soy oil. Find out how growth in China, the top importer of the oilseed, influences their prices." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/fx-as-a-trade-war-tool-Chinese-Currency_459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-24T12:00:00.000+01:00", "title": "FX as a Trade War Tool?", "description": "Does the Chinese yuan's value against the U.S. dollar have a ceiling? It weakens when trade war tensions rise and appreciates when a deal seems likely." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/alison-coughlin", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/ags-cash-settled_459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-21T22:56:00.000+01:00", "title": "How Agricultural Cash Settled Contracts Work", "description": "Read an overview of cash settled contracts, including a comparison to physical delivery, a look at daily settlements, and more. " }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/chinese-yuan-beware-of-boundaries-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-20T06:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "Chinese Yuan: Beware of Boundaries", "description": "The trade war has had a distinct impact on the Chinese yuan – it rises and falls against the dollar based on the level of tension between the two nations." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/oil-three-signs-of-prices-hitting-bottom-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-19T11:15:00.000-05:00", "title": "Oil: Three Signs of Prices Hitting Bottom", "description": "Oil prices have declined steadily since late April despite heightened tension in the Persian Gulf shipping lane. Is the market ready for a rebound?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/coppers-options-paradox-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-18T06:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "Copper's Options Paradox", "description": "Copper closely tracks growth in China, yet copper options prices tend to be closely related to U.S. monetary policy. How will Fed rate cuts impact the metal?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/will-fed-rate-cuts-bolster-job-growth-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-17T06:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "Will Fed Rate Cuts Bolster Job Growth?", "description": "Corporations slowed hiring in May amid concerns over the drawn-out trade war with China. Are Fed rate cuts the impetus that can galvanize employment?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/CME-Group", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/2019-06-ag-update-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-14T21:45:00.000+01:00", "title": "June 2019 Ags Update", "description": "Read the latest happenings in the Ags markets, including how above-average rainfall is impacting U.S. corn planting, soymeal hedging for feed mills case study, and more." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/how-interest-rates-inflation-impact-equity-select-sectors-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-11T11:35:00.000-05:00", "title": "How Interest Rates, Inflation Impact Equity Select Sectors", "description": "Tech stocks loathe volatility, higher short-term rates benefit financials but hurt real estate and utilities. See key factors that drive equity select sectors." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/are-us-and-uk-interest-rates-about-to-converge-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-11T06:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "Are U.S. and UK Interest Rates About to Converge?", "description": "The U.S. and UK have many similarities, including low unemployment and core inflation, but their interest rates are wide apart. Is this gap about to close?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/flood-havoc-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-10T06:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "Flood Havoc", "description": "Flooding has imperiled crops and livestock in the agricultural heartland at a time when farmers are already feeling the pain of the trade war with China." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/forces-that-drive-equity-select-sectors-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-06T06:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "Forces That Drive Equity Select Sectors", "description": "Equity sectors moved in tandem until 2014 when they drifted apart as their correlation weakened. Find out the fundamental and financial forces behind this." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/will-brexit-derail-the-conservative-party-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-05T08:00:00.000-03:00", "title": "Will Brexit Derail the Conservative Party?", "description": "Just as internal strife disintegrated the Liberal Party in the 1900s, could the Conservative Party's split over Brexit be its undoing in the next election?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/bonds-raise-recession-concerns-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-06-03T06:00:00.000-05:00", "title": "Bonds Raise Recession Concerns", "description": "A rally in U.S. Treasuries, with prices rising and yields dropping, has reignited concerns over the health of the economy. What's driving the bond market?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/podcasts/images/treasury-options-skews-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-05-30T13:41:00.000-05:00", "title": "Treasury Options Skews", "description": "Do options skews in Treasuries provide any guidance on market trend? We look into whether extreme downside skews signal a buying opportunity." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/interpreting-the-us-bond-rally-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-05-29T12:45:00.000-05:00", "title": "Interpreting the U.S. Bond Rally", "description": "The U.S. bond market has been on a tear, with prices rising and yield on the 10-Year Treasury slumping. What message is the market sending?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/gold-impact-from-us-and-chinese-policies-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-05-29T08:45:00.000-05:00", "title": "Gold: Impact from U.S. and Chinese Policies", "description": "The divergence in U.S. and Chinese monetary policy is changing gold's traditional relationship with the U.S. dollar and Chinese renminbi." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/trade-war-lose-lose-outcome-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-05-28T11:15:00.000-05:00", "title": "Trade War: Lose-Lose Outcome?", "description": "As both sides dig their heels in the escalating U.S.-China trade war, the fallout could hurt industries on both sides, perhaps China more than the U.S." }