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  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/2019/rupee/rupee_459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-02-21T12:00:00.000-06:00", "title": "India: Rupee's Significant Risks Ahead of April Election", "description": "Indians go the polls in April to elect a new leadership. Can Prime Minister Modi's party win an outright majority or will India have a coalition government?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/tug-of-war-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-02-19T12:00:00.000-06:00", "title": "Tug-of-War", "description": "Buyers and sellers are in a tug-of-war in the bond market, where yields have been declining. Are buyers sidestepping the budget deficit and other factors?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Dominic_Sutton-Vermeulen", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/trade-war-tensions-and-tariffs-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-02-14T12:15:00.000-06:00", "title": "Trade War Tensions and Tariffs", "description": "Review the effects of the trade war’s uncertainty as it relates to U.S. agricultural trade and CME Group contracts. " }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/brent-wti-oil-spread-taking-cue-from-midland-houston-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-02-14T11:30:00.000-06:00", "title": "Brent-WTI Oil Spread Taking Cue from Houston-Midland?", "description": "The price spread between the venerable WTI and Brent oil contracts has been taking the lead from two minnows - WTI Houston and WTI Midland." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam, education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/china-looking-at-growth-past-the-trade-war-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-02-13T09:00:00.000-06:00", "title": "China: Looking at Growth Past the Trade War", "description": "China's economy has felt the strain of the U.S. trade war, but its massive debt and demographic trends pose a more critical threat in the 2020s." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Gregor-Spilker", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/ici-coal_459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-02-12T20:17:00.000Z", "title": "Year One: Indonesian Coal Derivatives (ICI 4)", "description": "As the one-year anniversary of Indonesian Coal Derivatives (ICI 4) futures approaches, we look back on the success of contract. Read now. " }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/did-fed-pause-rate-hikes-in-time-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-02-06T19:45:00.000Z", "title": "Did Fed Pause Rate Hikes in Time?", "description": "The selloff in equities late last year was a wake-up call for the Fed, which seems to have taken heed and changed course. But did the Fed pause in time?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/oil-are-options-signaling-long-term-uncertainty-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-02-05T11:15:00.000-06:00", "title": "Oil: Are Options Signaling Long-Term Uncertainty?", "description": "Oil prices have bounced off their recent lows but the implied volatility in options is indicating uncertainty in the market's direction over the long term." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/three-big-equity-event-risks-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-02-04T14:25:00.000-03:00", "title": "Three Big Equity Event Risks", "description": "Equities are facing three major event risks that could result in large price gaps, which are more difficult to manage than shifts in volatility." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/why-has-equity-index-treasury-options-volatility-diverged-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-01-30T06:00:00.000-06:00", "title": "Why has Equity Index-Treasury Options Volatility Diverged?", "description": "There has been an unusual divergence in implied volatility between equities and Treasuries. Is it a signal of the markets entering a high volatility regime?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/equities-six-ways-to-spot-a-flagging-bull-market-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-01-28T03:15:00.000-06:00", "title": "Equities: Six Ways to Spot a Flagging Bull Market", "description": "The equities bull market marks a 10-year milestone this March, with the S&P rising around 300% from its 2009 low. Can it keep on charging?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/market-challenges-in-2019-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-01-23T16:10:00.000-06:00", "title": "Market Challenges in 2019", "description": "A preview of the key challenges facing the major asset classes this year, from interest rates to equities to agriculture. How will these markets fare?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/oil-surging-implied-volatility-sending-a-signal-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-01-22T17:25:00.000Z", "title": "Oil: Surging Implied Volatility Sending a Signal?", "description": "The selloff in oil late last year triggered a surge in implied volatility. What lies ahead for the market amid concern over slowing global growth?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/will-gold-shine-if-fed-pauses-rate-hikes-in-2019.jpg", "date": "2019-01-17T09:00:00.000-03:00", "title": "Will Gold Shine if Fed Pauses Rate Hikes in 2019?", "description": "Gold will face cross-currents in 2019, from a possible decline in Chinese and Indian demand for jewelry, increased supplies and the possibility of the Fed not raising rates in 2019. Hedge your portfolio with futures and options. " }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Erik-Norland", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/oil-implied-volatility-soars-but-path-ahead-is-unclear-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-01-16T11:10:00.000-06:00", "title": "Oil: Implied Volatility Soars but Path Ahead is Unclear ", "description": "Oil implied volatility surged at the end of 2018 as prices tumbled and held those levels despite a rebound. What's in store for the market in 2019?" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/is-government-shutdown-a-prelude-to-debt-ceiling-debate-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-01-14T06:00:00.000-06:00", "title": "Is Government Shutdown a Prelude to Debt Ceiling Debate?", "description": "The economic impact from the partial government shutdown is expected to be minimal, but the markets will take notice if the debt ceiling becomes an issue." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2019/after-multiple-hikes-could-fed-resort-to-cutting-rates-next-459x293.jpg", "date": "2019-01-07T12:01:00.000-06:00", "title": "After Multiple Hikes, Could Fed Resort to Cutting Rates Next?", "description": "" }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/phase-transitions-major-changes-for-markets-to-navigate.jpg", "date": "2019-01-02T15:30:00.000-06:00", "title": "Phase Transitions: Major Changes for Markets to Navigate", "description": "From the rising cost of capital to the trade war and key demographic changes, markets have to navigate through a series of phase transitions in 2019." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/2018/event-risk-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-12-19T14:16:00.000-06:00", "title": "Event Risk Enters Phase 3: What's At Stake in 2019?", "description": "Event risk outcomes could be dragged out in 2019 as issues like the trade war and questions over when the Fed might halt rate hikes simmer in markets." }
  • { "authors": "education:Author/Bluford-Putnam", "image": "/content/dam/cmegroup/education/images/articles/volatility-459x293.jpg", "date": "2018-12-18T21:00:00.000Z", "title": "Market Volatility: Headwinds, from Trade War to Rates, in 2019?", "description": "Markets could face headwinds in 2019 from the lag effects of major events that took place in 2018, from the trade war to rate hikes and corporate tax cuts." }