Sustainable Solutions

Manage the risk associated with renewable energies, environmental change, and sustainable investments with our products.

Risk management solutions for sustainability initiatives

Trade products designed to address the growing environmental interests of customers across financial and commodity markets. As more investors consider ESG factors for their strategies, CME Group is developing tools to provide access to emerging markets.

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Learn about the products we offer across various asset classes and explore different ways to trade them.

Voluntary Carbon

Manage risk around carbon offset projects and gain insights on pricing using our leading voluntary carbon solutions. This growing market, which can help businesses offset emissions and pursue net zero goals, is set to play a key role in the energy transition.


Explore the opportunities and risk management solutions of bioenergy, renewable energy sources derived from organic materials and used to produce transportation fuels, heat, electricity, and more. Current contracts include biodiesel, ethanol, and more.

Battery and Recycled Metals

As tax credits, regulatory pressure, and demand for EVs and battery metals have grown, so has the need for pricing and hedging solutions. Trade Cobalt and Lithium contracts in the markets where nearly all risk management for battery metals now takes place.

Renewable Feedstocks

Explore opportunities that feed into the growing demand for renewable feedstocks can help industries significantly reduce fossil fuel use. That includes our leading benchmark markets for corn, oilseeds, and used cooking oil.

ESG Indices

Based on S&P 500 and S&P Europe 350 Indices, S&P ESG Indices filter out constituent stocks that are not ESG compliant while providing a similar return profile to the benchmark indices. Ensure your trades support your sustainable investing strategies using E-mini S&P ESG futures.

Improving Core Products

Explore products and practices built to grow with global green initiatives as they evolve. Learn how we’re working with the marketplace to shape the future of how financial and commodity products are sourced and traded more sustainably.

Products and Benefits

Explore a seamless solution for measuring and reporting on hedging activity in support of ESG initiatives. Offering independent oversight, Sustainable Clearing bridges the gap between growing demand for sustainable hedging and credible, transparent reporting of these activities, with minimal financial and operational impact.

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