Conduct business in a safe, fair and transparent market environment with CME Group’s suite of complementary Aluminum products. CME Group offers the global price discovery and transparency you need to manage the risk of production and supply trends in the world’s metals markets.

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Features and benefits

Price hedging

Manage exposure with choice of global benchmark contract, regional-specific offerings, and duty-paid contracts.


Increase efficiency and ease-of-use with our straightforward, simple monthly futures contracts.

24-hour market access

Modify positions with seamless, 24-hour access via CME Globex and CME ClearPort electronic platforms.

Secure clearing

Enjoy the security of guaranteed, centralized counterparty credit to minimize credit default risk.

Versatility of options

Enjoy expanded choice with the introduction of Aluminum options, a flexible alternative for managing price risk.


Aluminum options

Enhance risk management capabilities with new American-style options on Aluminum futures, the physically delivered futures contract with global warehouses in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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Aluminum options FAQ

The contract symbol is AX (the benchmark Aluminum futures contract is ALI).

Trading terminates on the 4th last business day of the month prior to the contract month.

Yes, the Aluminum option contract is available for block trading and clearing via CME ClearPort.  Block minimum thresholds can be found here.

The Aluminum option contract months exercise into the Aluminum futures contract based on the schedule indicated in the following table:

Jan Mar
Feb Apr
Mar May
Apr Jun
May Jul
Jun Aug
Jul Sep
Aug Oct
Sep Nov
Oct Dec
Nov Jan
Dec Feb

Trading takes place on COMEX via CME Globex and block trading and submission for clearing take place through CME ClearPort.

CME Direct trading grid

If you are already a CME Direct user, you can easily download and apply the CME Direct grid for Aluminum futures.

  1. Right click on the links to each file.
  2. Save the file as an .XML on your computer.
  3. In CME Direct, select import view in the main menu.
  4. Import the grid into CME Direct.

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