As the fundamental building block of the financial market, Eurodollar futures and options are the preferred tool of traders to express views on future interest rate moves. With unrivaled book depth and deep liquidity out more than five years, you can effectively target interest rate risks that matter to you.

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Features and benefits

Unsurpassed liquidity

Take advantage of the world’s most actively traded futures contract, with unrivaled book depth and tight bid- ask spreads.

Global barometer of money flows

Gain insight into global capital flows, credit demand & rate expectations.

Flexible execution

Access liquidity via the central limit order book, blocks and EFRPs.

Expansive non-linear liquidity

With 80 expirations listed at any given time, ranging from 1 week to 4 years, Eurodollar options offer unprecedented flexibility for fine tuning risk exposures.

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SOFR futures

As the leading source of liquidity on the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR), CME SOFR futures are increasingly relied upon for managing exposure to short-term funding markets. SOFR futures trade alongside Eurodollars and Fed Funds to offer seamless spread trading and margin offsets of up to 70%.

Eurodollars and the STIR ecosystem

Trade Eurodollars and related interest rate products to manage basis risk, capture relative-value opportunities, and unlock cross-margin savings.

Eurodollars and 3-Month SOFR

A capital-efficient, 1:1 inter-commodity spread for managing LIBOR-SOFR basis risks with up to 70% margin offsets

Eurodollars and Fed Funds

A capital-efficient proxy to the LIBOR/OIS spread with margin offsets of up to 60%

Eurodollar Packs and Bundles

Packs and bundles provide an efficient mechanism for trading strips of consecutive Eurodollar futures contracts in a single transaction

Eurodollars and Cleared Swaps

Portfolio margining IRS with Eurodollars offers indicatvie margin savings of 70%-97% on popular convexity bias trades (FRA vs. ED, Swap vs. ED Strip)

Margins offsets are subject to change based upon market conditions.

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