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When rates move, liquidity is everything

Effective interest rate risk management demands liquid markets. That’s why institutions around the world turn to CME Group, home to the deepest centralized pool of liquidity for SOFR, Fed Funds, U.S. Treasuries and more. Plus, flexible execution, unrivaled capital efficiencies, and the safety of CME Clearing.

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Liquidity and efficiency, now in credit markets

Investment Grade, High Yield and Duration Hedged futures contracts are available for participants seeking new ways to manage corporate credit risks.

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Trade futures and options on U.S. Treasuries, SOFR, Fed Funds, €STR, TBAs, Credit, and more—with maturities from one-week to 30-years.

Efficiently manage exposure to U.S. government debt with expansive liquidity across futures, options and cash securities, and best-in-class capital efficiencies.

As the leading tools for hedging USD short-term interest rates, SOFR futures and options offer deep liquidity across the forward curve, alongside 80 options expiries for fine-tuning exposures from one week to four years.

Widely used for expressing a view on Fed policy changes, Fed Fund futures reflect market expectations regarding the course of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.

Credit Index futures provide a new mechanism for managing corporate bond exposure, leveraging the efficiency and liquidity of futures markets for participants seeking solutions in Investment Grade, High Yield or those looking to trade only the credit component (duration hedged).

Precisely hedge T-bill exposure with cash-settled futures based on 13-week T-bill auction yields, and enjoy seamless spread trading vs. Three-Month SOFR futures.

CME Group is the venue of choice for end-users seeking exposure to the Euro Short-Term Rate (ESTR), the European risk-free rate quickly becoming the preferred benchmark in EUR swaps and cash markets.

Peso-denominated, monthly futures contracts based on the Central Bank of Mexico’s Overnight TIIE Funding Rate (F-TIIE) – an IOSCO-compliant, risk-free reference rate based on the highly-developed and liquid Mexican repo market.

Expand efficiencies or create new spread trading and margin offset opportunities using SONIA futures and other Interest Rate products – Fed Fund and SOFR futures.

Physically delivered 30-Year UMBS TBA futures bring the efficiency and global accessibility of a central limit order book to the U.S. mortgage market, with margin offsets and spread trading vs. Treasury futures.


Swap futures offer interest rate swap exposure with the margin efficiency and simplicity of a standardized futures contract. Capitalize on multiple execution venues, flexibility at expiration, and risk offsets.



Trade cash bonds and repo on our industry-leading, anonymous dealer-to-dealer electronic trading platform for the U.S. and European fixed income markets.

Track forward-looking risk expectations on U.S. Treasuries with the CME Group Volatility Index (CVOLTM), a robust measure of 30-day implied volatility derived from deeply liquid options on Treasury futures.

Gain an edge in interest rate markets with the most reliable and comprehensive data across the entire yield curve. 

From short-term interest rate and U.S. Treasury futures and options, to OTC and cash markets, to industry-leading benchmarks, the CME Group data offering gives you unparalleled insights and access into the movement of interest rate markets.

Analyze trends and yield curve movements, track inflation signals and tailor futures and options strategies accordingly to seek a competitive edge.

We offer varying data frequencies to suit your needs:

  • Real-time
  • Delayed
  • End-of-Day
  • Historical

Choose how you want to access data: low-latency direct connections; on-demand via the cloud, downloadable historical data via CME DataMine; direct integration into your systems via REST and real-time streaming APIs; or using a licensed distributor.

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Build and refine your trading strategies with free pricing and analytics tools for CME Group Interest Rate products. 

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