Access the unique liquidity and clear benefits for trading global FX that only CME Group delivers.

Key benefits

Discover the unique liquidity and clear benefits of using FX options on futures at CME Group to manage currency risk. 

Margin and operational efficiencies

Cleared FX options may offer significantly reduced margin requirements vs. OTC. Trade without an ISDA, CSA agreement, or bilateral credit line required.

Fair market access

See the same quotes as other participants within our regulated central order book featuring 23-hour execution, full transparency, and no last look.

Familiar, OTC-like trading

Trade OTC-aligned contracts with European-style expiries, multiple maturities and strikes. Use blocks to lean on your OTC relationships and OTC-like liquidity while accessing clearing benefits.

All-to-all trading

Go beyond peer-to-peer with our central limit order book, available to individual and institutional traders alike. Anonymously trade outright or delta-hedged options or option strategies.

What’s new in FX options

Get the latest information on webinars, research, market trends and more.

Market Activity

The latest across the FX options complex

Monthly and weekly option expirations are available to trade across a wide range of currency pairs, including expiries every day out to two weeks in the G5. Click on the product name below to view quotes and access other expirations.

Block trades

Gain the execution flexibility of privately negotiated bilateral block trades of FX options. See the latest activity. 


Run scenarios, analyze the market, identify trends, and test-drive strategies with our interactive online tools.

Pricing and strategy tools

Generate theoretical prices and Greeks for FX options on futures.

Run hypothetical underlying price scenarios for FX options.

Analyze open interest and OI change patterns for each expiration. 

View large open interest holders’ changing positions per CFTC reports.

Volatility tools

Chart and analyze historical volatility data for FX options. 

View FX options on futures data in OTC terms (premiums, strikes, and more). 

Compare change in current implied volatilities across expirations from one week ago.

Track trends by plotting volume and open interest vs. the most recent settlements.

Fee discounts

Save up to 75% on large FX option trade fees

Read about automatically applied big-ticket discounts for large FX option trades that meet certain thresholds.


View contract and exchange details to help you trade FX options.

Volatility benchmark

Track volatility with FX CVOL

Now you can measure and monitor FX volatility using CME Group Volatility Index (CVOL). CVOL provides a gauge of implied volatility using a simple variance method based on liquid FX options on futures.

Want a better understanding of options?

Deepen your understanding of our products by taking self-guided courses on options.

Contact an FX options expert

Contact a member of our expert options team for more information about our products. 

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