Micro E-mini futures and options

Micro E-mini futures and options provide cost-effective ways for all traders to access the dynamic liquid Equity Index futures and options market.

Micro E-mini futures

The smaller contract size of Micro E-mini futures offer a unique way to participate in the futures market with lower capital requirements and increased flexibility.

Micro E-mini options

With a contract size 1/10 of traditional E-mini options, Micro E-mini options allow traders to fine-tune their risk exposure and tailor their positions to their specific market outlook.

Get information on exchange rules, delivery procedures and clearing services. View CME Rulebook and CBOT Rulebook.

Diversify your portfolio and tailor your exposure to major market indices

Available across six major indices, Micro E-mini products at CME Group provide all traders a simple, cost-efficient way to access the liquid Equity Index futures markets for a fraction of the upfront financial commitment. Now you can enhance your trading strategies through more precise exposure management, reduced trading costs and greater flexibility. 

Why trade Micro E-mini Products?

Precisely scale index exposure

Fine-tune your index exposure with Micro E-mini futures for more granular trading and risk management.

Manage your positions with versatility

Unlock flexible position management and enhanced liquidity with seamless conversion between Micro E-mini futures and classic E-mini futures at a 1/10 contract ratio.

Use leverage for greater capital efficiency

Control a large contract value with a small amount of capital and no expense ratios for greater upside and potentially lower trading costs.

Explore the full potential of Micro E-mini products

Build and refine your trading strategies with the latest resources for Micro E-mini products.

Micro E-mini insights

Get our experts’ perspectives on current trends.

Master the Micro E-mini market

Take self-guided courses on Micro E-mini products

If you’re new to futures, the courses below can help you quickly understand the Micro E-mini market and start trading today.

Contact an Equities expert

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