Equity Index futures and options

Hedge equity index exposure or refine trading positions using a highly liquid and diverse suite of Equity Index futures and options, based on global benchmark indices.

More versatility to manage equity index exposure

Improve capital efficiency using the versatility of our Equity Index products. Fine-tune equity exposure on benchmark indices—S&P, Nasdaq, Russell and Dow Jones—with the precision of scalable contract sizes, including E-mini and Micro E-mini Equity Index contracts.


Get the latest updates on the Equity Index futures and options market with product news and information, macro trends, and more.

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Learn about the products we offer across global benchmark indices, and explore different ways to buy and trade them.


Six more ways to capture sector exposure

New additions to CME Group's suite of Equity Index Sector futures have arrived – five E-mini S&P Select Industry futures and E-mini PHLX Semiconductor Sector Index futures are now available for trading.

Enjoy potentially lower trading costs than ETFs plus margin offsets against other index futures using our contracts on S&P 500, the leading barometer of the US stock market.

Capture opportunities that emerge from volatility, index correlations, sector weightings, and price exposure to leading non-financial US large-cap companies on Nasdaq.

Trade Russell Index futures and options nearly 24 hours a day for greater capital efficiencies and flexible execution.

Manage exposure to the 30 US blue-chip companies represented in the Dow Jones Industrial Average index, nearly 24 hours a day.

Express views on the markets using the simplicity and standardized efficiency of International Equity Index products.

Equity Index Sector futures are liquid and capital-efficient ways to manage exposure across 19 sectors from technology to communication services.

Customize your Equity Index trading

The Equity Index product suite offers a broad range of opportunities for traders to access benchmark exposure at CME Group.

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