Weekly Energy Options: Turn Ideas into Action

Volatility in crude oil and natural gas markets can be significantly impacted by market-moving events such as OPEC announcements, EIA inventory data, and geopolitical events.

Key features of Energy Weekly options

More options, more expirations, and more precise risk management make it simple to design and implement robust trading strategies using Crude Oil and Natural Gas Weekly options contracts. With Crude Oil expirations every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and Natural Gas expiring every Friday, weekly options exercise into the active futures contract, offer more granular strike prices in quarter increments, and automatically exercise with no contrary instructions.

WTI Crude Oil Monday ML1-ML5 IMLA Comdty LO CL
WTI Crude Oil Wednesday WL1-WL5 IWLA Comdty
WTI Crude Oil Friday LO1-LO5 CLWA Comdty
Micro WTI Crude Oil MW1-MW5 WWIA Comdty MCO MCL
Brent Crude Oil BW1-BW5 BZCA Comdty BZO BZ
Natural Gas (Physical) ON1-ON5 ONWA Comdty ON NG
Natural Gas (Financial) LN1-LN5 GKWA Comdty LN NG


Explore analytics tools to generate trade ideas

CME Group provides free pricing and analytical tools developed by QuikStrike that traders can use to generate trade ideas. Follow these tools in sequence to get the full picture of how you can use Energy Weekly options in your day-to-day trading.


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See how traders are using Crude Oil Weekly options

Learn how other market participants use NYMEX Crude Oil Weekly options to manage event risk and reduce portfolio volatility.

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