CME CF Cryptocurrency Benchmarks

Trade cryptocurrencies with greater confidence by capitalizing on enhanced pricing information from standardized, regulated reference rates and spot price indices, developed in partnership with CF Benchmarks.

Registered and regulated

Aligned to European Benchmarks Regulation (EU BMR), to enhance credibility and help facilitate greater market access globally. 

Transparent oversight

Follows a robust, publicly available calculation methodology that is overseen regularly by a committee of industry experts.

Reliable benchmarks

Continuous daily pricing proven through high volatility periods. Published every day, every second for Real-Time Indices and once per day at key regional hours for Reference Rates.

Diverse pricing sources

Pricing sourced from several leading crypto exchanges and trading platforms, including Bitstamp, Coinbase, Gemini, itBit, Kraken, and LMAX Digital, to ensure representative data.

Get price discovery on 3 new DeFi tokens

Coming December 19: CME CF Reference Rates and Real-Time Indices on Aave, Curve, and Synthetix

CME CF Reference Rates and Real-Time Indices

Bitcoin and ether

View dollar- and euro-denominated prices published at 4:00 p.m. London time and 4:00 p.m. New York time (Cryptocurrency futures and options are cash-settled to the 4:00 p.m. London time reference rates).

Stay in the know

Get the latest updates on our Cryptocurrency products and services.

Additional cryptocurrencies

View prices on the expanded suite of Cryptocurrency benchmarks, covering some of the most rapidly growing markets. As with bitcoin and ether benchmarks, these offerings are designed to help facilitate price discovery and accelerate the professionalization of cryptocurrency trading.

NY reference rates are only available for Bitcoin and Ether.
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About CME CF Reference Rates

  • Aggregate the trade flow of major cryptocurrencies on spot exchanges during specific calculation windows into daily reference rates of the fiat price of select cryptocurrencies.
  • Calculation rules built to maximize transparency and replicability in the underlying spot markets.
  • Designed around best practices for financial benchmarks.
  • Published at 4 p.m. London time (all CME CF Reference Rates) and 4 p.m. New York (BRRNY and ETHUSD_NY).
  • BRR and ETHUSD_RR are used to settle the associated CME futures contracts.

CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR)
CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate New York (BRRNY)
CME CF Bitcoin-Euro Reference Rate (BTCEUR_RR)
CME CF Ether-Dollar Reference Rate (ETHUSD_RR)
CME CF Ether-Dollar Reference Rate New York (ETHUSD_NY)
CME CF Aave-Dollar Reference Rate (AAVEUSD_RR)*
CME CF Algorand-Dollar Reference Rate (ALGOUSD_RR)
CME CF Avalanche–Dollar Reference Rate (AVAUSD_RR)

CME CF Bitcoin Cash-Dollar Reference Rate (BCHUSD_RR)
CME CF Cardano-Dollar Reference Rate (ADAUSD_RR)
CME CF Chainlink-Dollar Reference Rate (LINKUSD_RR)

CME CF Cosmos-Dollar Reference Rate (ATOMUSD_RR)
CME CF Curve-Dollar Reference Rate (CRVUSD_RR)*
CME CF Ether-Euro Reference Rate (ETHEUR_RR)
CME CF Filecoin–Dollar Reference Rate (FILUSD_RR)

CME CF Litecoin-Dollar Reference Rate (LTCUSD_RR)
CME CF Polkadot-Dollar Reference Rate (DOTUSD_RR)CME
CME CF Polygon-Dollar Reference Rate (MATICUSD_RR)
CME CF Solana-Dollar Reference Rate (SOLUSD_RR)
CME CF Stellar Lumens-Dollar Reference Rate (XLMUSD_RR)
CME CF Synthetix-Dollar Reference Rate (SNXUSD_RR)*
CME CF Tezos–Dollar Reference Rate (TEZUSD_RR)
CME CF Uniswap-Dollar Reference Rate (UNIUSD_RR)

*Available starting December 19

About CME CF Real-Time Indices

  • Aggregate global demand to buy and sell cryptocurrencies into a consolidated order book and reflect the fair, instantaneous fiat price.
  • Based on forward-looking input data and designed for low latency and timeliness.
  • Suitable for marking portfolios, executing intra-day transactions and risk management.

CME CF Bitcoin Real-Time Index (BRTI)
CME CF Bitcoin-Euro Real-Time Index (BTCEUR_RTI)
CME CF Ether-Dollar Real-Time Index (ETHUSD_RTI)
CME CF Ether-Euro Real-Time Index (ETHEUR_RTI)
CME CF Aave-Dollar Real-Time Index (AAVEUSD_RTI)*
CME CF Algorand-Dollar Real-Time Index (ALGOUSD_RTI)
CME CF Avalanche– Dollar Real Time Index (AVAUSD_RTI)

CME CF Bitcoin Cash-Dollar Real-Time Index (BCHUSD_RTI)
CME CF Cardano-Dollar Real-Time Index (ADAUSD_RTI)
CME CF Chainlink-Dollar Real-Time Index (LINKUSD_RTI)
CME CF Cosmos-Dollar Real-Time Index (ATOMUSD_RTI)
CME CF Curve-Dollar Real-Time Index (CRVUSD_RTI)*
CME CF Filecoin–Dollar Real Time Index (FILUSD_RTI)
CME CF Litecoin-Dollar Real-Time Index (LTCUSD_RTI)

CME CF Polkadot-Dollar Real-Time Index (DOTUSD_RTI)
CME CF Polygon-Dollar Real-Time Index (MATICUSD_RTI)
CME CF Solana-Dollar Real-Time Index (SOLUSD_RTI)
CME CF Stellar Lumens-Dollar Real-Time Index (XLMUSD_RTI)
CME CF Synthetix-Dollar Real-Time Index (SNXUSD_RTI)*
CME CF Tezos–Dollar Real Time Index (TEZUSD_RTI)
CME CF Uniswap-Dollar Real-Time Index (UNIUSD_RTI

*Available starting December 19

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