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RS Metrics’ MetalSignals™ provides satellite imagery-based analytics for global copper, aluminum, zinc, and iron ore production and storage. The dataset is based on changes in daily, weekly, monthly, and year-over-year estimated growth in raw materials, as well as finished product stored outside at over 500 global smelters and storage facilities.

The data can be leveraged to derive insights regarding macro changes in global supply of copper, aluminum, zinc, and iron ore. RS Metrics research has found the data to have a statistically significant correlation with directional changes in CME Group metals futures contract prices.1

MetalSignals™ aggregates the production and storage data for each location to generate machine-learning based signals that are predictive of exchange metal price and inventory direction 1, 2, and 3 months out, as well as price direction for hundreds of metals-related equites, indices, currencies/FX, and interest rates.

1. Price and Volume Signal Prediction using K-Nearest Neighbors Method (RS Metrics, 2018)

Dataset Contents

MetalSignals™ Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, and Iron Ore are available to download as a CSV file via DataMine and include the following measurements for each smelting/storage location:

  • Finished Products Area (m²)
  • Piles Area (m²)
  • Concentrate Bags Area (m²)
  • Copper Cathodes Area (m²)
  • Copper Anodes Area (m²)
  • Employee Cars
  • Containers
  • Semi-Trailer Trucks
  • Dump Trucks/Tippers
  • Collection Date & Time
  • Location Type (Smelter/Storage/Port)
  • Metal Type

MetalSignals™ provides global coverage across most major smelting regions including Chile, China, Peru, USA, Russia, and Australia.

Key Features

  • Includes approximately eight years of historical data (back to 2013 for most locations)
  • Ongoing updates sourced from approximately 500 production and storage facilities
  • Updates for each location range from every few days to every few months (depending on the location and historical interest). Daily data delivery is available, with data delay of 48 hours of the satellite timestamp for at least 90% of all observations.
  • Note: Depending on recent satellite collections, there may be some days with little or no new data is posted.
  • Aggregated data can be delivered on a weekly basis.    

RS Metrics’ GMMT

RS Metrics’ GMMT (Global Metals Market Tracker) is a streamlined and consolidated product with key MetalSignals™ data. Available on a bi-weekly basis, it provides a summary of global metals inventory, trends, and relevant market commentary. These satellite imagery-based insights from the world of copper, aluminum, zinc, and iron ore are available on a commodity or country aggregate level.

This dataset assists with monitoring current supply in order to forecast directional prices of these commodities with 80% accuracy. It also helps monitor industrial production in uncertain times and provides a snapshot of the market in periods of disturbance.

Dataset Contents

GMMT report copper, aluminum, zinc, and iron ore are available to download as a CSV file via DataMine and include the following measurements for each smelting/storage location:

Global Metals Market Trackers Product Summary:

  • Global tracking of aluminum, copper, zinc, and iron ore
  • Regional trends of aluminum, copper, zinc, and iron ore
  • Smelter vs Exchange warehouse inventory trends
  • China metals outlook
  • Market commentary 

About RS Metrics

Founded in 2010, RS Metrics analyzes and derives data from satellite and aerial imagery to provide fundamental insights, trends and predictive signals for businesses and investors in metals, industrials, retail and commercial real estate.  

RS Metrics’ proprietary and patented technology platform leverages advanced computer vision and machine learning and a scaled QC workflow to generate accurate, predictive, and consumable information.

Data is available in easy-to-use end-user applications, signals, and tools, and as daily data feeds for customers with quantitative focus and capabilities.

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