CME Group Market Data APIs

Flexible data solutions offering low-cost, seamless access to CME Group market data.

REST and real-time Streaming APIs offer simple, reliable, and cost-effective solutions to integrate CME Group market data directly into your systems.

Key benefits

Frictionless integration

Easily integrate JSON-formatted APIs into systems for a simple, low-cost way to directly access CME Group market data.

Reliable data

Ensure data quality, accuracy, and security by receiving market data directly from the source.

Flexible access

Scalable, cloud-hosted APIs that unlock insights across trading analysis, risk management, or redistribution.

CME Group market data via API

Stream real-time futures and options data for top-of-book prices, trade information, and market statistics straight from the cloud into your system via CME Group’s WebSocket API. Data is delivered in a JSON format for easy integration of data into trading, risk, or distribution systems.

How to access

To access the WebSocket API, please reach out to a data expert by filling out the form below.

CME FedWatch API

The CME FedWatch API allows you to integrate the tool's data directly into your systems through a REST API. Track and analyze the probability of changes to the Fed Funds rate and U.S. monetary policy, as implied by 30-Day Fed Funds futures pricing data.

How to access

To access the FedWatch API, please reach out to a data expert by filling out the form below.

Reference Data API

Access the information you need through the CME Reference Data API, the first ever real-time API solution for every CME Group product and instrument. Embed the API in your system’s product matrices and databases to automate market understanding for all CME Group and hosted partner markets.

How to access

To access the Reference Data API, please email the Global Account Management team at

Query API

The Query API service is built off of the CME Group Archived Market Data dataset. Subscribers have access to complete history dating back to January 2014. Common use cases include retrieving Top of Book or Time and Sales datasets with nanosecond granularity.

How to access

To access the Query API, please purchase via Services on CME DataMine.

Contact a Data expert

Connect with a member of our team to access CME FedWatch API, Real-Time Futures & Options Data API, or for more information about other CME Group market data APIs.

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