CME E-quotes is a software application that offers charting and analytics, real-time quotes, and news on CME Group products. The next generation of CME E-quotes desktop and mobile software is now available with access to data and quotes for all CME Group products.

Key Benefits

E-quotes is CME Group's Solution for: 

  • Real-time streaming futures and options on futures quotes for all CME Group products.
  • Highly reliable and accurate data.
  • Internet based mobility for anytime/anywhere access.
  • The best combination of sophistication, usability, performance and price. 

Other benefits include: 

  • DataSuite
  • E-Quivalents
  • Dow Jones news feeds
  • Variety of software packages available for iPhone or Android

Packages and Pricing

Contact Us

For questions concerning CME E-quotes, contact Computer Voice Systems: 

Support Team
+1 312 980 8299

Sales Team
+1 312 980 8290

For live support, visit our web chat.
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Started in 1989, Computer Voice Systems (CVS) provides reliable solutions to financial services and telecom businesses, specializing in the futures industry. The company offers a full suite of multi-lingual real-time data, charting, and front-end trading applications targeting desktops, mobile devices, and browsers. CVS has customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.