CME DataMine

Access Historical Data on CME Group Markets

See how valuable information from past markets can help inform your trading strategies today with  historical market data from CME Group, available on CME DataMine.

Now offered via a self-service cloud solution, you can access more than 450 terabytes of historical data almost instantaneously, using some of the most flexible data delivery methods available. Extensively back-test strategies using real benchmark markets that date back as far as the 1970s, to help you gauge profitability and risk.


  • Flexible data delivery - Choice of delivery formats to best suit your needs
  • Self-service portal - Quick and easy access any time you need it, from anywhere
  • Integrated invoicing and licensing - Significantly reduces processing time, gets you connected faster

Access CME DataMine

Log in to CME DataMine to learn more about our expansive offering of Historical data. 

CME DataMine

New Data Offering: Third-Party Data

CME DataMine continues to enhance its data offering by including new third-party datasets.


QuikStrike Implied Volatility


Available Data Sets

  • Market By Order
  • 24/7 Bitcoin Index streaming service
  • Market Depth
  • Top-of-Book (BBO)
  • Time & Sales
  • End-of-Day
  • Block Trades


Available Exchange Data

  • CME
  • CBOT
  • NEW - DME

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