Minneapolis Grain Exchange, Inc.

CME Group Strategic Partnership with MGEX

CME Group and MGEX (Minneapolis Grain Exchange, Inc.) have a strategic partnership realized through a commercial agreement. The agreement allows MGEX Hard Red Spring Wheat futures trading activity to be conducted exclusively on the CME Globex trading platform. In addition, the partnership calls for price limits to be coordinated between CME Group, KCBT, and MGEX.

Enhanced Transparency, Liquidity, and Trading Exposure
Trading MGEX products on CME Globex affords market participants a number of benefits:

  • Optimal marketplace transparency from instant, electronic processing of bids and offers
  • Unrivalled trading distribution and reliability
  • Implied pricing functionality, which provides the most liquid markets and identifies the best possible pricing
  • New and broader trading audiences for hard red spring wheat and agricultural index products

About MGEX
MGEX is the primary venue for trading hard red spring wheat (HRSW) among millers, exporters, elevators, and farmers. Hard red spring wheat, together with its winter equivalent, represents the bulk of U.S.-produced wheat.

Products and services at MGEX include:

  • Futures and options contracts for hard red spring wheat
  • Index futures and options contracts on hard red spring wheat, hard red winter wheat, soft red winter wheat, corn, and soybeans

Learn more at www.mgex.com

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