Develop to CME Globex

CME Group requires all applications interacting with the CME Globex platform to complete certification to iLink order entry API and/or Market Data Platform (MDP) before accessing production. Certification to these interfaces is designed to optimize performance and minimize risk.

Consulting Resources

If you are looking for consulting resources, please visit our Technology Partner Services Directory. These independent software vendors can provide product and development assistance for connectivity to the CME Globex order routing and market data interfaces.

Develop to CME Globex


iLink, the CME Globex order routing interface, is built on the industry-standard FIX protocol.


  • Access the electronic CME Globex markets
  • Enter, modify and cancel orders, receive orders and fill confirmations
  • Support for customized interfaces to execute orders for all products listed on CME Globex
  • No Standard Template Libraries (STL) needed
  • Socket connections via FIX protocol 

MDP 3.0 on Market Data Platform

The Market Data Platform, the market data interface for CME Globex, enables you to integrate CME Group market data into your trading applications. Market Data Platform (MDP) 3.0 is a low latency and direct data access solution designed to improve customers’ ability to process and act on real-time price information

Features include:

  • Simple Binary Encoding (SBE)
  • FIX 5.0 (SP2) Market by Price messaging formats
  • Event-driven market price and trade information
  • Enhanced market state dissemination
  • Increased timestamp granularity
  • FIX 5.0 (SP2) Market by Order messaging formats - in process of being rolled out to all market data channels

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