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The trade war affects how and what you trade. Stay ahead of market-moving events with insights, analysis, and tools from CME Group.

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Will Trade War Slow Third Quarter Earnings Growth?

The trade war might not affect top-line revenues of most companies but the disruption of supply lines could raise costs, impact profit margins in 2020.

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Strategic insights to impacted markets

As you prepare to handle event risk around the trade wars, short-term options offer a strong risk management strategy for high-impact events.

View Weekly Options Vendor Codes

CME Group weekly options have seen tremendous growth during 2019. As traders work to manage short-term event risk around negotiations, decisions, and tariffs, weekly options provide the precision and flexibility you need. 

Weekly Ags options reached record average daily volume in June, while weekly options in Interest Rates, Equity Indices and Energy were all among the top-traded products in the same month.

Find a weekly options contract to help you manage risk around trade war events.

Clearing Globex ClearPort Product Name Exchange Product Group Cleared As Volume Open Interest
EW1 EW1 EW1 E-mini S&P 500 Weekly Options - Week 1 CME Equities Options 206,629 20,584
QN1 QN1 QN1 E-mini Nasdaq-100 Weekly Options - Week 1 CME Equities Options 7,544 1,132
LO1 LO1 LO1 Crude Oil Weekly Options - Week 1 NYMEX Energy Options 522 0
TY1 ZN1 TY1 10-Year T-Note Weekly Options - Week 1 CBOT Interest Rate Options 81,537 0
CZ1 ZS1 CZ1 Soybean Weekly Options - Week 1 CBOT Agriculture Options 407 0
YM1 YM1 YM1 E-mini Dow ($5) Weekly Options - Week 1 CBOT Equities Options 18 0
US1 ZB1 US1 U.S. Treasury Bond Weekly Options - Week 1 CBOT Interest Rate Options 23,811 0
R1E R1E R1E E-miniRussell 2000 Weekly Options - Week 1 CME Equities Options 530 0
PY1 ZC1 PY1 Corn Weekly Options - Week 1 CBOT Agriculture Options 275 0
WZ1 ZW1 WZ1 Chicago SRW Wheat Weekly Options - Week 1 CBOT Agriculture Options 790 0
Trade Date: 07 Aug 2020 | FINAL

Continued Growth in Weekly Options

  • Commodity Weekly Options ADV has surged over the last few years as traders utilize these products to manage their risk
  • Weekly Ags options reached record average daily volume in June, while weekly options in Interest Rates, Equity Indices and Energy were all among the top-traded products in the same month.


QuikStrike Tools

Tracking market expectations

Monitor how the trade war influences market expectations, focusing on options volatility to make informed decisions about event risk. As effects of the trade war shift the markets, watch forecasts for future movements, review historical markets or use CME Group’s tools to do more analysis.

Open Interest Heat Map Tool

See instantly which option calls and puts have the most trading, by strike and expiration, and compare vs. the last day/week/month, to help you plan. Use the Open Interest Heatmap to build your own heatmap of where positions are concentrated trade war-affected contracts. Get started

Event Volatility Calculator

See how markets are pricing upcoming economic and geopolitical events through the lens of options volatility. Through the ongoing trade war, volatility continues to change, which may provide valuable insight into what's coming. Get started

Vol2Vol Expected Range Tool

Follow market sentiment on price for products affected by the trade war with the Vol2Vol tool. See how many standard deviations a strike is from the at-the-money (ATM) futures price and chart open interest and volume. Get started


Dive deeper into trading around event risk

Key economic events

Learn how economic events can move markets and what to watch to make the most of your trading strategy.


Get an overview of strangles as a trading strategy for options, including benefits of the strategy and more.


Look at straddles as a strategy for trading options in volatile or stagnate markets.

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