Top Traders Round Table - Episode 11

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Top Traders Round Table – Episode 11
AHL Founders: Mike Adam, David Harding, Marty Lueck

The guests in this featured episode are the founders of AHL: Michael Adam and Marty Lueck, co-founders of Aspect Capital, and David Harding, founder and CEO of Winton Capital.

Topics discussed:

  • The story behind AHL
  • Why the “empiricist” outlook at AHL gave the team an early advantage
  • How technology’s limits pushed their ideas
  • The breakthroughs of AHL’s early research and how it still applies today
  • The crucial role the early clients had in AHL’s development
  • The power of finding the right people to work with
  • How the original deal between MAN and MINT influenced AHL
  • What the larger financial community initially thought about AHL


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