June Rates Recap

SOFR Sets Record Pace for Short-Term Interest Rate (STIR) Futures Launch

In 19 trading days...

  • Over 60 participants have traded 36.4K contracts
  • ADV has accelerated to nearly 3K over the past 7 days
  • Open interest has grown to 11K contracts
  • IR term structure with tight quotes out to 2020
  • Bid/Ask spreads consistently 0.5 basis points wide (minimum tick)
  • Over 12 market makers providing liquidity
  • Access historical fixings and basis spread analytics

Comparing STIR futures during first 4 weeks of trading




Fed Funds

Launch Date

May 7, 2018

Dec 9, 1981

Oct 3, 1988

Total Volume

36.4K contracts

17K contracts

8K contracts

Open Interest

11K contracts

1.5K contracts

2.2K contracts


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Coming June 11: Eurodollar Term Mid-Curve Options

In response to client demand, CME Group will list 3-month, 6-month and 9-month Eurodollar Mid-Curve options for first trade date Monday, June 11:*

  • Benefit: Trade short-dated options on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th quarterly GE futures
  • Listings: Two serials and one quarterly option listed at a time
  • Symbols: TE2, TE3, TE4

Product Details

Data through May 31, 2018, unless otherwise specified.
*Pending Regulatory Review

Single-Day Volume Record of 39.6M Contracts

The Liquidity You Need At Any Point Along the Curve

On May 29, amidst a flurry of economic and geopolitical concerns, participants facilitated unprecedented risk transfer across the entire yield curve via CME Group's deeply liquid Interest Rate products. Single-day product volume records:

  • 24M Treasury futures
  • 8.9M 10-Yr futures
  • 7.6M 5-Yr futures
  • 4.0M 2-Yr futures
  • 1.1M Ultra 10-Yr futures (just over 2 years since launch)
  • 1.2M Fed Fund futures
  • 1.6M T-Bond futures

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CME FedWatch Rate Hike Probabilities

  150-175 bps 175-200 bps 200-225 bps 225-250 bps
6/13 3.7% 96.3% 0.0%  
9/26 0.9% 25.8% 71.8% 1.5%
12/19 0.4% 12.8% 46.8% 36.5%

Probabilities as of June 4, 7:30 pm CT

CME FedWatch Tool

2-Year Note Futures Tick to Be Reduced by Half, Effective January 13, 2019

Prompted by client demand, broad market validation, and analysis of resting liquidity, CME Group will reduce the minimum price increment for 2-Year Treasury Note futures by half, effective January 13, 2019, pending certification of contract rule amendments with the CFTC and completion of all regulatory review periods.

Client Impact Assessment

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