US: Hogs & Pigs

December 23, 2022 02:00 CST

This full-text report, issued four times yearly, presents data on the U.S. pig crop for 16 major states and the U.S., including inventory number by class, weight group, farrowings, and farrowing intentions. Pigs per litter and pig crop by quarter are also covered in the report. Data was gathered from a random sample of approximately 7,500 U.S. producers of varying sizes, though large operations were sampled more heavily.

This report presents a quarterly accounting of hog and pig inventory and of the quarterly pig crop, i.e. pig production. It is the most complete information on pig supply that the USDA produces.

Inventory numbers are reported as of the first day of the month that the report is released. These numbers are not projections; they represent current supply data based on statistical surveys of hog producers. The report includes weight breakdowns, which is helpful in determining the how close hogs are to finishing and ready for slaughter. There is also a breakdown between the number that have been kept for breeding and those that will be sent to market. The kept for breeding number provides insight about herd expansion or contraction, while the market number provides information on more immediate supply. State-by-state breakdown are included as well.

In addition to the inventory numbers, the report presents quarterly pig crop, sows farrowing, and pigs per litter data. These numbers provide insight into hog production. Data on the previous two years is included, as well as forecasts for the next two quarters.