US: Treasury Refunding Announcement

November 2, 2016 07:30 CDT

There were no surprises in the Treasury's announcement of the quarterly refunding, a $62 billion total that will raise approximately $3.5 billion in new cash. As in the previous 3 quarters, the refunding package consists of $24 billion in 3-year notes, $23 billion in 10-year notes and $15 billion in 30-year bonds. The Treasury plans to maintain coupon issuance at current levels over the coming quarter, with any changes in seasonal borrowing needs to be met by changes in regular T-bill auction sizes or by issuing cash management bills. A small-value buyback operation to continue the testing of the buyback infrastructure will be conducted during the next quarter, with details to be announced later.

Each quarter the U.S. Treasury announces its funding needs for the next two quarters. The announcement includes which securities will be offered and the dates of their announcement, auction and settlement.

Bond market players pay attention to this release so that they know the degree of looming supply of Treasuries coming onto the market so that they can evaluate what appropriate yields might be for trading. Heavy supply coming onto the market suggests higher yields.