Are you looking for the opportunity to trade Copper futures? 

Would a smaller-size contract suit your trading strategies or upfront capital availability better?

Then trading the Micro Copper futures contract may be the alternative for you. Conveniently sized and tailored to the individual investor, this contract offers less capital commitment, lower margin, and smaller exchange fees than the larger-sized copper futures contract - but the same flexibility, safety, and security. 

Micro Copper futures are 1/10 the size of the 25,000-pound Copper futures contract.  So, the contract unit of the Micro Copper futures contract is 2,500 pounds. Like the Copper futures contract, the Micro Copper futures contract is quoted in 5 one hundredths of one cent increments, making a one tick move in Micro Copper futures equal to $1.25.

The daily settlement prices for the Micro Copper futures contract will be identical to that of the larger Copper futures contract. Trading of Micro Copper futures can be conducted through your broker or through CME Globex Sunday through Friday, almost 24 hours per day.  

Whether you are looking to fine-tune your copper exposure, or maybe you want to get started trading this market with a smaller capital exposure, CME Group has the Micro Copper futures contract to fit your needs.

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