Master the Trade: Futures is a course designed for new traders to increase their understanding of futures contracts and strategies for trading. This course brings together industry professionals so you can hear their perspectives on trading, learn about their strategies, and see how they approach various trading scenarios.

This course is hands-on and interactive. We designed it to help you learn quickly by completing various activities, practicing in a real trading simulator, and testing your futures knowledge. 


Chapter One: Expanding your futures knowledge

Wherever you may be on your futures educational journey, this series of lessons will provide a more in-depth discussion of the terminology and characteristics of futures contracts at CME Group. It’s important to have a solid understanding of how the contracts you plan to trade work.  

Chapter Two:  Take your trade plan to the next level

In this section, you will focus on yourself. Understanding yourself, your trading style, and your tolerance for risk is just as important as understanding the products. Understanding your tendencies is valuable as you design your own unique trading strategy.

Chapter Three: Practice what you’ve learned

This is where your knowledge is put into practice. Use our Trading Simulator to implement your own strategies and review their outcomes. Take notes and learn from your trades.

Each lesson in this course introduces a topic delivered by an industry professional, followed by active, hands-on learning.  You will be challenged with questions, skill building, and additional CME Institute content to review and learn from.

The final component, “The Trade Plan”, is a companion piece and workbook that will be referenced throughout this course. Your plan is as unique as you are, and it will be your source for managing your trading strategies. We will provide you a framework to start your trade plan, then you will make it your own.

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