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  • How Traders Measure Liquidity


    Learn about the history of Eurodollar futures, now the world’s most-traded interest rate futures contract, and how they almost failed to start.

  • Euro-Dollar Caught in a Fiscal-Monetary Tug-of-War


    The euro-U.S. dollar exchange rate is in a bind, with monetary and fiscal policies pulling in opposite directions. That could change amid Fed rate hikes.

  • The Federal Reserve, Inflation and the Flattening Yield Curve


    The Fed is set to raise rates in June but subsequent hikes would depend on core inflation, flattening of the yield curve and resolution of trade disputes.

  • April Options Review


    Follow the April options markets, highlighting the 40th consecutive month of YoY growth in OI, YTD ADV of 4.5M contracts and more

  • Cleared Latin American IRS (MXN & BRL)


    Read an overview of Latin American Interest Rate Swaps at CME Group, including details about the Mexican Peso (MXN) and the Brazillian Real (BRL).

  • OTC Clearing: An Overview


    Overview of cleared OTC products, services and customers protection at CME Group - 44 page PDF presentation from June 2013.

  • The FX Report: Issue IV


    Keep up with the FX markets this month, including strong on-screen numbers for CME FX Link, a new Greenwich Report and more.

  • Submit a TACO Block Trade in CME Direct


    Review the steps needed to submit a Trade at Cash Open block trade for E-mini S&P 500 futures via CME Direct.

  • The Surging U.S. Domestic Crude Oil Grades Market


    The U.S. domestic crude oil grades market has become an international market driven by rising exports, surging production and new pipeline infrastructure.

  • Korean Won (KRW) and Indian Rupee (INR)


    Get an overview of two new swap cleared products, KRW and INR, including specs, procedures, and more.

  • April Aluminum Update


    Keep up with the Aluminum market for April, including the effect of Rusal sanctions on the markets, near historic highs in open interest and more.

  • April Equity Index Products Review


    Keep up with the Equity Index markets, including a 32% increase in ADV YoY and highlights for Bitcoin and Russell 2000 futures.

  • Oil: Futures to Remain in Backwardation Amid Mideast Tension


    Spot oil prices are expected to remain higher than futures further out along the maturity curve amid the simmering tension in the Middle East over Iran.

  • April Copper Update


    Review the April Copper markets, including a modest recovery, daily volume up 453% YoY for options and factors affecting current markets.

  • April Ferrous Metals Update


    Keep up with the Ferrous metals markets at CME Group, including a 921% monthly volume increase YoY, expanded quote hours and more.

  • Specifications: Ethereum Reference Rate & Real-Time Index


    Learn about Ethereum Reference Rate and Real-Time Index. Read the specifications like the dissemination time, administrator and methodology.

  • Ether Pricing Products Frequently Asked Questions


    Get answers to frequently asked questions about ether pricing products, including the Ether-dollar Reference Rate and Real-Time Index.

  • April 2018 Metals Update


    Review movement in the April Metals markets, including overall Precious Metals products March ADV increased by 37% YoY to 561,014 lots.

  • Trade at Cash Open (TACO) FAQ


    Get answers to frequently asked questions about Trade at Cash Open (TACO) at CME Group, including contracts available for TACO and more.

  • The Origins of the E-mini S&P 500


    Learn about the history of the E-mini S&P 500 futures contract, including the reason behind the launch and its immediate success.

  • U.S. Pullout of Iran Nuclear Deal: What Next for Oil, Business?


    How will the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal impact oil markets, Middle East peace process and global trade? Our research offers some answers.

  • CME CF Cryptocurrency Constituent Exchanges List


    See a list of venues approved to serve as a pricing source for the calculation of a CME CF Cryptocurrency Reference Rate or Real-Time Index.

  • CME CF Cryptocurrency Conflicts of Interest Policy


    Get an overview on how to deal with potential conflicts of interest in connection with CME CF Cryptocurrency Indices. Learn more.

  • Infographic: CME CF BRR and BRTI


    Learn about CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate and Bitcoin Real-Time Index. Learn more.

  • Are Crude Oil & Natural Gas Prices Linked?


    In the past nat gas and crude have had a stable price relationship. But the recent shale revolution has led to the decoupling of oil and gas prices.

  • CME Group Monthly Coal Report


    This document is a summary of previous month ADV, monthly volume and open interest for CME Group's suite of coal products. Read full report.

  • Oil: As Price Tops $70, Will Shale Producers Ramp Up Output?


    As crude oil prices top $70 per barrel amid escalating Mideast geopolitical risk premium, will shale producers ramp up output as they lock in prices?

  • Gold: At the Crossroads of Fiscal and Monetary Policies


    Gold has shown a lack of direction amid the push-pull effects of fiscal and monetary policies. Our research takes you through gold's possible paths forward.

  • Fed's Challenges as its Steers Away From Emergency Policies


    The Fed faces several key challenges as it charts a new monetary course in the aftermath of the emergency policies put in place during the Bernanke era.

  • CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate Methodology Guide


    Get an overview of the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate (BRR) including a summary of the product, methodology and rules, calculations and more.