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  • Market Movers: July 20 Cattle on Feed Report


    Industry expert Rich Nelson, Chief Strategist for Allendale, Inc., discusses trading opportunities in advance of the August 25 Cattle on Feed Report.

  • Leading Products Snapshot


    This guide lists CME Group's leading futures and options contracts by Average Daily Volume (ADV) across all asset classes.

  • CME Group Leading Products – Most Traded Futures and Options Contracts: Q2 2018


    A quarterly listing of CME Group's leading futures and options contracts. Shows the top contracts in terms of average daily volume and open interest for Interest Rates, Equities, Energy, Foreign Exchange (FX), Agricultural Commodities and Metals. This resource also includes information on recent product launches and global partnership data.

  • July PetroMatrix Report


    Review what’s happening in the energy markets, including a weekly API update, the impact of Iran sanctions, low diesel levels in Brazil and more.

  • WTI Entering a Renaissance as a Global Benchmark


    WTI futures enjoys a renaissance in the global market and has re-established itself as the price discovery leader in crude oil.

  • Base Metals Trading Codes


    View trading codes for CME Group Base Metals products, including codes for CME Globex/ClearPort, floor trading, Bloomberg, TT, and more.

  • Ferrous Metals Trading Codes


    View trading codes for CME Group Ferrous Metals products, including codes for CME Globex/ClearPort, floor trading, Bloomberg, TT and more.

  • June Equity Index Products Review


    Take a look at the June Equity markets, including a 2% increase YOY for average daily volume and a 3% increase in open interest YOY.

  • Korean Won (KRW) and Indian Rupee (INR)


    Get an overview of two new swap cleared products, KRW and INR, including specs, procedures, and more.

  • Trade War Fallout Reverberates Through Markets, Economy


    Large-cap U.S. stocks are much more vulnerable to the fallout from the trade war between the U.S. and China because of their complex global supply chains.

  • Trade War Implications for the Economy and Markets


    Fallout from the escalating Sino-U.S. trade war is rippling through financial and commodity markets and, if prolonged, could impede growth in both nations.

  • Risk FX Briefing, Paris


    Read how technology is the single biggest driver of the significant market structure changes taking place in currency markets today.

  • Propane: A Global Perspective


    Learn about the fundamental shift in propane, driven by recent growth in oil and natural gas processing from U.S. shale.

  • Trade War Repercussions for U.S. Agriculture


    The trade war between the United States and China could hit the American farmland the hardest, with U.S. soybeans in the eye of the storm.

  • June Options Review


    See what’s new in June options markets, including 524M options traded in H1 2018, a new options calculator tool and a surge in Ag volumes.

  • Tech Talk: Linking Energy and Alternative Data


    Watch a recording of the 2018 Tech Talk event in New York City, focused on data discussion and the energy markets.

  • Understanding Margin Changes


    Get an overview of margin changes at CME Group, including what goes into setting margin levels, and more.

  • Anatomy of Brent-WTI Volatility in June 2018


    Read about the dynamics of the WTI-Brent spread and the impact on the outright Crude Oil futures.

  • July Rates Recap


    Review activity in the Interest Rate markets in July, including developments in SOFR, Term Mid-Curve options and a review of H1 performance.

  • CME SOFR Futures and Quarter-End Volatility in Treasury Repo Rates


    A note on the heightened levels and volatility in U.S. Treasury repo rates at quarter-end and an assessment of these quarter-end dynamics for SOFR.

  • Did You Know? The Birth of OPEC


    Get a history of the birth of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and how the organization drives oil prices.

  • Agricultural Options Update


    View an update of Agricultural Options, including volatility curves, recent volume, options spreads, and more.

  • Did You Know? The Miraculous Growth of Managed Futures


    Read about the history of the miraculous growth of managed futures, including how the professional portfolio manager got its start.

  • Gulf Basis Update


    The Gulf Basis Report, released quarterly, provides a history and current update of the Corn, Soybean, and Wheat basis at the Louisiana Gulf.

  • OTC SOFR Swaps Product Overview


    Get an overview of the OTC SOFR Swaps at CME Group, including the product offering, adoption timeline, contract specs and more.

  • Soybeans Futures Search for a Reason to Bounce


    As looming trade wars between the U.S. and China heat up, U.S. agricultural goods, such as soybeans, feel the pain.

  • Why Managers are Putting Money in Managed Futures


    Watch a webinar, featuring CME Group’s Dave Lerman, on the recent increases in allocations to alternative investments, specifically managed futures.

  • Precious Metals Market Update: Still Waiting for a Low


    Despite the threat of trade wars, the precious metals market continues to drop as bulls leave the market due to deflationary pressures.

  • Manage Mexican Election Uncertainty with MXN/USD Futures and Options


    Manage Mexican Election Uncertainty with MXN/USD Futures and Options

  • CME Group Price Precision Extension Technology Overview Webinar


    Get an overview of the technology impact for price precision extension technology on CME Globex, clearing systems, CME STP and more.