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  • Webinar: Three Market Challenges for 2020


    CME Group Economists Blu Putnam and Erik Norland share their 2020 economic outlook, focusing on challenges in the oil, gold, rates and equities markets.

  • December Equity Index Product Review


    Read about what’s happening in CME Group Equity Index futures and options, including recent performance, volume and open interest, trading highlights, and more.

  • Coronavirus: Market Concerns Mount


    Markets are jittery as concerns over growth mount in the wake of the coronavirus spreading from China to other parts of the world, including the US.

  • Interest Rate Futures Liquidity Update – 2019


    Read about key liquidity measures in Interest Rate futures during 2019, including the quality of the CLOB, record volume, and more.

  • Not So Terrible Twos


    Will the US economic outlook for 2020 be a repeat of the past 10 years since the Great Recession - growth and core inflation of around 2%?

  • Using Fed Fund futures to trade the FOMC decisions


    Learn about using Fed Fund futures contracts to express a view on the FOMC policy action, including rate hike decisions.

  • Treasury Futures Price Rounding Conventions


    Learn how CME Clearing & clearing member firms round fractional portions of contract prices when computing variation margin amount on Treasury positions.

  • Q1 2020 Dairy Market Outlook


    Read a quarterly dairy market outlook examining the pace of milk production, cheese and butter prices, whey demand, and more.

  • WTI Extending Its Reach as a Global Benchmark


    Find out what’s driving the re-establishment of WTI and WTI futures as the price discovery leader in the crude oil market.

  • SONIA: High Time to Lower Rates


    Will the Bank of England cut interest rates at its January 30 meeting? There is a rising probability that it will, according to SONIA futures.

  • Self-Study Guide to Hedging with Livestock Futures & Options


    Self-Study Guide to Hedging with Livestock Futures & Options. Read more.

  • Oil: Is Mideast Risk Premium Too Low?


    Drone attacks on Saudi Arabia and the killing of an Iranian general send oil prices rising, only to retreat. Is there enough risk premium in the market?

  • 2019 SOFR Ecosystem Recap


    Read a 2019 recap of the Secured Overnight Financing Rate, or SOFR, interest rate benchmark, including the increase in adoption, growth of SOFR derivatives, and more.

  • After Record 2019, What Will Drive Equities in 2020?


    Equities were propelled to record highs in 2019 not by earnings growth but by rate cuts and easing US-China tension. What will drive the market in 2020?

  • Q4 2019 Energy Report


    Read about the latest happenings in the CME Group Energy markets, including latest volume and open interest highlights, WTI Houston enhancements, Energy options trends and more.

  • 2019 Options Review


    Read a recap of the 2019 highlights across the CME Group options complex, including volume and OI records, new tools launched during the year, and more.

  • Commodities Eye 2020 China Growth Prospects


    China's 2020 growth prospect amid a ceasefire in the US trade war could help determine the value of the currencies of several commodity exporting nations.

  • Webinar: Strategic Options Trading Series, Parts 1-3


    Watch a three-part options trading webinar series covering volatility skew, options greeks, and a number of important case studies.

  • Are Major Economies Heading for a Cool Off?


    Yield curves are pointing to a possible slowdown in major economies, including the US and European Union, over 2020-21 but China and India are seen growing.

  • Hedging using a basis versus Australian Wheat futures


    Read how millers can use basis trading in CME Group financially settled Australia FOB Wheat futures to hedge exposure to Australian physical wheat prices.

  • Is the Fed Up to the Next Challenge?


    Does the Fed have the necessary tools to tackle any possible deceleration of growth, now in its eleventh year? It might have a challenging task ahead.

  • Kansas City vs. Chicago Wheat Spread: A Tale of Two Markets


    As Kansas City Wheat futures (KE) trade at an unusual discount to Chicago Wheat futures (ZW), this paper looks at trading data to analyze the two markets.

  • Q1 2020 Ag Update


    See what’s happening in the CME Group Agricultural markets, including the latest in the options market and opportunities from seasonality, cheese market updates, Black Sea grain news and more.

  • Trader's Edge: Options on Bitcoin Futures


    Join Dave Lerman as he discusses the January 13th launch of options on Bitcoin futures.

  • In 2020, Equities Are Partying Like It's 1999


    Equities that perform well in one decade tend to underperform the next 10 years. Find out which select sectors the economy will favor in the 2020s.

  • The other side of the mirror: Asia’s perspective on US crude exports


    An upward trend in US exports to Asia has continued despite declining exports to China due to trade negotiations.

  • Interest Rates Chartbook - 2019


    View our annual chart book for at-a-glance insights into the world's deepest centralized pool of interest rates liquidity

  • The Yield Curve-Growth Nexus


    We demonstrate the strong relationship between the shape of the yield curve and economic growth prospects, not just in the US but all around the world.

  • Webinar: Volatility in Options – Part 3


    Watch the third part of the Strategic Options Trading webinar series, Volatility in Options, to learn different ways to measure options volatility.

  • CME Counterparty Firm Registration


    Register your firm as a CME Counterparty to make your firm available as a counterparty selection on deals or as an account manager in CME Account Manager.