The Complete Introducing Broker (IB) Handbook, 2021: now available

Access the ninth edition of the IB Handbook, updated to address recent developments in the IB community ‒ today.


The Complete IB Handbook has guided the industry with exclusive insights for years. Recently released, the ninth edition of the Complete IB Handbook offers a full guide to doing business as an introducing broker ‒ sponsored by CME Group and written by Melinda Schramm, Founder and Chairman of the National Introducing Brokers Association (NIBA). The handbook compiles survey data from National Futures Association (NFA) registered introducing brokers and provides an updated view of the IB community.

What you will find in latest edition of the IB Handbook:

Find out what’s on the mind of registered introducing brokers

See the latest statistics about the IB community, including the full results of NIBA’s highly anticipated 2021 Introducing Broker Survey.

Stay in the know about issues affecting the community

Read more about the community’s response to global issues such as the COVID-19 pandemic and industry issues like the rise of the discount broker.

Learn about the business from a trusted source

Find out the answers to important questions on becoming an IB, choosing an FCM, operating an IB business, and more.

Discover resources for career and business development

Get recommendations on conferences, trade associations, lawyers, web designers, and more.

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