TriOptima Portfolio Reconciliation and Collateral Update

  • 21 Aug 2020
  • By TriOptima

Welcome to the TriOptima review. We continue to innovate and expand our services to provide enhanced automation solutions for our customers. From portfolio reconciliation and repository reconciliation to collateral management our services are now expanded to include cashflow affirmation and Securities Financing Transaction Reporting related reconciliations - in addition to our fully automated end-to-end initial margin solution.

This review is designed to keep you up to date with our latest news and developments.

We are delighted to announce, that based on a market vote, we have won ‘Service Provider of the Year’ and ‘Best Buy-Side Collateral Solution’ at the FTF 2020 Awards.  Thank you to all our clients for your support.

triResolve reconciliation services

Our reconciliation platform supports all asset classes for bilateral and cleared OTC derivatives, as well as security finance transactions, prime brokerage, and ETDs. We also reconcile collateral holdings for related margin accounts.

Learn more about the portfolio reconciliation, including a demo of the platform – also highlighting cashflow affirmation.


Cashflow affirmation

The service has been extended to include cashflow affirmation to support the derivative and repo settlement processes. Simply submit your upcoming trade level cashflows across all counterparties, and we leverage triResolve trade matching, so you can achieve greater alignment and identify any differences which might cause settlement breaks.

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Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) 13 July 2020

New regulation requires financial and non-financial counterparties to report their Securities Financing Transactions to authorized SFTR Trade Repositories. triResolve portfolio reconciliation now allows you to identify in-scope transactions and counterparties, and to reconcile and validate your positions reported in trade repositories against your internal system. All reporting regimes for derivatives and security finance transactions are covered, whether you self-report or choose to delegate reporting.

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Learn how triResolve’s repository reconciliation service gives you full visibility into the accuracy of reported trades, allowing you to compare your own records with those held by the trade repository 

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BrokerTec and TriOptima collaborate to deliver first end-to-end repo workflow solution

Connecting the BrokerTec Quote dealer-to-client Request for Quote (RFQ) trading platform with triResolve enables clients to enrich a trade from the point of execution with a unique trade identifier (UTI), before sending it for reconciliation. Firms can easily track and correct any back-office trade and valuation mismatches in client systems, before reporting the trade to a repository, providing full automation across the lifecycle of a repo trade.

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Collateral update

On April 3, BCBS-IOSCO announced a one-year extension to the final implementation phases of the uncleared margin rules (UMR), citing the ongoing market disruption across the globe resulting from Covid-19.

Read our article to gain further insights for TriOptima perspectives on what firms can do with the extra time.

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Raf Pritchard, Head of triResolve, explains why triResolve is the market’s collateral hub.

Margin automation

Are you experiencing an increased number of margins calls due to on-going market volatility?  If so, triResolve Margin can help!  Each step of the margin call workflow can be automated:

  • Auto-send call to counterparty
  • Auto-accept incoming collateral proposed by counterparty
  • Auto-agree incoming call from counterparty
  • Auto-dispute incoming call from counterparty
  • Auto-propose collateral for incoming call

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Uncleared margin: The changing needs of buyside firms
Raf Pritchard, Head of triResolve discusses the initial margin calculation and collateralization challenges for firms coming into scope under phases five and six of the uncleared margin rules.

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TriOptima expands triResolve Margin to offer SWIFT payment infrastructure

The new settlement automation service offers clients out-of-the-box connectivity to the SWIFT network for cash transfers, securities settlement, and tri-party instructions. Instead of requiring firms to build their own connectivity to each individual custodian, the expanded service offers clients direct access to a broad range of custodians and tri-party agents. This in turn automates the settlement process by allowing both instruction and confirmation of collateral movements via a variety of standardized SWIFT messages.

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Efficient SIMM sensitivities and IM analytics

triCalculate initial margin analytics can provide crucial insight into your choices for IM calculation and help you to identify and prioritize your in-scope counterparties. We can support your analytics requirement using triCalculate - with no complicated integration or sharing of your trade data with third parties.

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